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THANK YOU VETERANS! We here at eGO want to recognize every single one of the people who are willing to put their lives on the line for their country. Yes, We are a United States-based clan, and it is no coincidence that this is coming out on the celebration of our independence day. In order to recognize those who have made the commitment to defend what they believe in with [their lives, we are awarding a new ribbon to ANYONE who has served in the armed forces, for any country. We are a...
slayr357 embraces the update/Day of Defeat on sale for 6 bucks!! You have until July 10th to get your copy of DoD for 6 bucks thats way cheap. More on slayr357's take on the DoD update read here
HAPPY BIRTHDAY eGO! What a diffrence a year or TWO makes! When EdgeGamers opened its doors on July 5th, 2006 it would only have one forum and one server, DoD Avalanche. Last year on this date we only had two servers, DoD Avlanche and Dod Donner. Bringing up servers back in those days was a big deal. Today, we bring up servers like it is a ho-hum affair. This might be a good time to thank all of our donors and sponsors for making EdgeGamers possible. Four donors should be receiving their...
DoD Promo List You can find all the promotions here Happy Fourth of July!!!
Free DoD Weekend There is a free Day of defeat weekend so everyone can try the game out since beta went live. There are some big changes to the game for everyone to check out for themseleves.
Updates to Team Fortress 2 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The specific changes include: Team Fortress 2 Fixed a memory leak affecting both clients and servers Fixed a malicious packet exploit
In the Beginning, there was chaos. There was no Steam, only Valve. Valve used a system called WonId that would go down for days at a time. Updates to Valve?s games were distributed by hosting companies like FilePlanet that could take hours in queue before you got a terribly slow download. Then when you were lucky enough to get it downloaded, if you did not follow the instructions carefully you had to uninstall and reinstall everything in a certain order. It was maddening. In this new and...
PROMOTION LIST FOR CS:S!! WOOT! :D EVERYONE... BEFORE you jump to check if you're on the list. PM Kolak and Pandmonium congrats on their promotion to ADVISOR first. :D NEXT you can >>---CLICK HERE---<< REMEMBER. You MUST send the PMs that are required in the admin school to Crimson, Wal-mart, or Mostlyharmless. You cannot wear the eG tag until you've completed the require steps to obtaining your admin.
TF2 Admin Problems The newest update to TF2 breaks the admin menu (each keypress is counted twice.) Related update: - Selectable menus can now be operated with number keys even if they are not bound to slot1, slot2, etc. Fix: There is none yet until VALVE fixes this issue. Sourcmod team is working on a fix. As soon as it comes out it will be updated. Until then. . . be careful with your admin. Here is the thread if you are interested in reading it. CLICK HERE