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ARTIMUS LIKES TF2? I've been dabbling a bit into TF2, wanting to be more familiar with this game I never got into and to get to know these strange members of our community who primarily hang out in a cartoonish world where getting a single kill can be nearly impossible for a noob like me. Not to mention figuring out how to help my team to reach the objectives. What are the objectives? And what's with the fat guy that can't seem to be killed? Luckily, my travel schedule left a hole big enough for me to finish my taxes, visit with JohnT and play a game or two this weekend. So I thought this would be a great time to learn more about TF2 and eGO's TF2 division by participating in last nights Royal Rumble. I had a blast, got my lights...
You should not be going on witch hunts looking for hackers. But if you do have a demo you need to send us, send it to [email protected] In the Subject Line you need to put the name of the game you took the demo in and your ingame name. In the body, you should put in text what made you think they were hacking and how sure you are they are hacking. Kills are important. Conclusive moments should be noted. Be sure to include the name of the person you are demoing and what you suspect. Thank you for your help.
Hello Gamers, it is your Server Weather Man here giving you the long-term server forecast: April will be a little slow. We predict that only about 500,000 to 600,000 people will be playing on our servers. That pesky good weather between the freezing cold of the North and the oven baked sands of the Southwest will keep your servers a little slow. And by slow, we do mean slow compared to eGO standards, which means full with a waiting time to get in around 5 minutes. May looks a little busier as the Sun starts to force everyone to turn on their Air-Con and wish they had a rig with some sweet cooling in it like you find at iBUYPOWER. June, July and August are going to be booming. Schools out bringing loads of pubs trying to hide...
If you are not MAUL verified we cannot set up your admin on any Steam Game. Click on the big round MAUL button or look for it in the tabs across the top of the page. We are running close to 40 servers ATM and we cannot keep up with 40 DB's. So we use MAUL. If you do not get verified, there is nothing we can do to help you. ONLINE GAMES GET IT! Ever notice that there is a two week dip in numbers when new big games come out? Nothing like dominating a Stand Alone game. Then what do you do? Turn back to CoD, TF2, DoD, CS, or INS? Yep, that's right. Welcome back pumpkin. Sorry about the 50 bucks you unloaded on that one play thru game.
EdgeGamers™ Organization March Madness Challenge It's that time of the year again, folks - March Madness! The CS:S Division will be sponsoring a bracket tournament for the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament, welcome to all members of eGO, with (casino) cash prizes awarded to the top three contestants! 1st Place - $100,000 Casino Cash 2nd Place - $50,000 Casino Cash 3rd Place - $25,000 Casino Cash To register your bracket, sign up for a free Yahoo account and go here to access the tournament sign up page. Make sure your displayed nickname matches your forum name. You'll need the Group ID and the password to join the league, so PM Dr. Death for those. Entries must be in by tip-off Thursday evening!
From Sloppie: You know you are in a cool gaming community when we are giving out gear! Click on the Turtle Beach button!
Congratulations to Atten! TF2 eGO member Atten has dedicated himself to seeding and recruiting on our Valve Maps rotation server. He has made it his home away from home. Through his efforts, this server has risen into the Top 50 TF2 servers. We appreciate his efforts and have awarded him with TF2's first DL Commendation medal.
Why did we post the Big eGO news? Why did MAUL go down? Why why why? Well we will tell you why: HostGator decided to cut our webhosting off because we were using too much bandwidth. This is despite having a Professional Account with them. They did not tell us in advance, they did not give any warning, they just turned us off. We asked why and they said something to the effect that we were using more than our fair share of bandwidth. So, we scrambled around and got another server from SoftLayer and we are going to do our own hosting for MAUL and some other things that keep eGO running like a fine tooled machine. It took Kendle and Dominion over 9 hours of work to get the server, set up the server, get DB's online, line out each...
One Big eGO! It seems eGO keeps out growing our infrastructure. There will be more news about this as things come back on line on a more powerful server. We need more power!