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Summer is almost here and we have big plans! Nothing like Christmas in July! What we have shipped in the last month or two: DLink Routers: DragonHill Herr Kamakazie Tommy Big Herm Capy iBUYPOWER Gaming Laptop: Lumpy UberClok Gaming Rig: Bones TurtleBeach HeadSets: Vicious Sloppie Hunter Our Newest Winners: ZALMAN - Case, powersupply and Reserator GardenGroveVW: CoolerMaster - Sniper Case Wintermute There are more that I cannot remember at the moment. Please remind me if you won something recently! <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript"...
The TF2 Event Coordinators would like to invite you to our next event: Hosted by: SLoppIE & The Machinist With Special Guest: =(eGO)=? FluffyTDestroyer Council Member Time: Monday, May 11th at 10pm EDT Password: jovial Server: Come meet your fellow TF2'ers!
What do you do in-case of emergency? Do what we do: log into the eGO Ventrilo Server! And yes it is free. It is a great place to hang out and it is good way to get a G and to change that G to a O. Setup Ventrilo Download Ventrilo Of course, if you want to be an admin in any of our 30 or so Steam games you will need to be MAUL verified. Click on the big red MAUL ball to get started:
.::DETAILS::. Kalt and Donner Friday, May 8th. 8:00 PST | 9:00 MNT | 10:00 CNT | 11:00 EST =(eGO)=™ DoD:S Events Server: Please come into vent 10-15 minutes before the event to get the password and further instructions. We are a mature gaming community, so when it comes to trash talking keep it MATURE and RESPECTFUL. Remember, if its not acceptable on the server, its not acceptable here. <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript"...
TF2 Leadership Challenges ALL The TF2 Royal Rumble returns Sunday, May 3rd! 9 PM EDT 8 PM CDT 7 PM MDT* 6 PM PDT 2 AM Greenwich Ever feel like killing that advisor? Smiting down that Divisional Leader? Will a Council member get out from behind their desk and actually play? eGO Fun Server Password: death After the Royal Rumble: 10:30 PM EDT 9:30 PM CDT 8:30 PM MDT 7:30 PM PDT TF2 Divisional Meeting Join us in Vent to hear the latest updates regarding: New servers New sponsors Summer tournament The "eGO economy" *Just for you Morbo
The Insurgency Division is hosting it's Boot Camp tonight Friday - 01 May at 9pm EST and again Sunday during Sunday School Check the Calendar for your local times Bootcamp Instructions Be sure to also check out eGO's Toolbar. Now featuring a ShoutBox module! Access eGO's Shoutbox anywhere on the net.