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What was team fortress like before the HWGuy met Sasha? What was it like before the demoman lost an eye? Want to find out? Come play some TFC! The next 3 Saturday nights we'll be going retro and playing some older games. Due to popular demand, TFC is first on the list. Many of us, including myself, came from TFC. So, we'll all be going down memory lane and take a little road trip. Whats required?: TFC You MUST be on vent Only eG's and up When?: Saturday the 16th 11 PM Et 10 PM Ct 9 PM Mt 8 PM Pt What about CS and DOD? Stay tuned.....
COD4 Meet and Greet 6:00PM Pacific 7:00PM Mountain 8:00PM Central 9:00PM Eastern As most of you knew (or did not know, including me) I have been scrim captain for COD4 division and I have been lacking in my duties. As in I really haven't set up a scrim for us ever before. With this in mind I have big plans for our division scrims. The first scrim that I will be hosting will be a Meet and Greet on August the 16th at our TDM server - For those of you who do not know how we handle scrims on eGO. We will be locking the server down for an hour and making it our personal playground. All players in our clans from all ranks are invited to join the scrim and Meet some of the higher ranks. People of higher ranks are...
ADMIN TRAINING CLASS Thursday, August 14, 10:00 PM EDT Meeting Room in VENT We are having the first EVER clan-wide admin training class in Vent on Thursday night. Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend. Having a mic is not necessary to attend. It should last roughly an hour and you must be there from my first screenshot until the last to get credit for attending. I will only cover when to use your admin. Specific knowledge of how to execute commands can be found in your individual divisional forums. There will be specific question/answer times and there will be people available afterwards for more specific questions. Times: 7:00 PM PDT 8:00 PM MDT 9:00 PM CDT 10:00 PM EDT 2:00 AM GMT
Wow, that's a lot of time! Since the award system is working again, it's time to recognize our leadership and their time of service. It doesn't matter what division; leadership is leadership. I was told once that council doesn't get ribbons, but that's pishtosh. If you're going to devote time and effort to something, there is no reason you shouldn't be recognized for it, regardless. Thank you council and community managers for all you've done and continue to do for eGO. So without further ado here are the ribbons: MostlyHarmless: ~1 year (11 months) GardenGroveVW: 1 year Masterofpuppets: 1 year DrunkenSailor: 2 years Slayr357: 2 years Kamikize Tommy: 2 years Dominion: 2 years Artimus: 2 years JohnT: 2 years Kendle: 2 years 6.
Strand Climbing In Rank A few weeks back, in a Council meeting, there was a discussion about what to do with a certain server that wasn't living up to the standard set by our community. There was talk about discontinuing the server. We also talked about trying a new map. During this meeting Slayr357 and Kamikazi Tommy said, "Give us a month and we'll have that server in the top 10". They weren't foolin! Check this out: <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" width="560" height="95" /></a> Hat's off to everyone who helped bring this server back from near death. It just goes to show what...
eGO Trip We went on an old school eGO Trip back to DoD Classic a couple of nights ago. We filled up their old 1.3 Charlie server with eGO tags and had at it. Most of us had to download the old DoD Classic software but it only took 10 minutes and we were ready to get in game. Our hats off to the 475th and Merrill's Marauders for maintaining thier servers in Classic. Great Fragging fellows! Also, we are looking for someone to run eGO Trips. You must be an eGO level member and be availble to run an eGO trip one night a week. You should have TF2 and DoD. If you are interested in a leadership position like this let me know.
We had a short bit of downtime today due to an error with GoDaddy Domain Name Registration services. All of the EdgeGamer accounts were set to auto renew, but they did not due to a system error. Everything should be online and working now. Sorry for the problems that this caused this morning. Please report any problems to [email protected] using "EGO DNS" as the subject line. Thanks, Deacon
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