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Alright, if you're a TF2 e and you want to know if you got promoted you need to do this: Stand on one leg Do an Irish jig Sing "Spice up your life" by the Spice Girls.... ....or, you could do it the easy way and check the following thread! CLICK ME!!!! Also please welcome TWO new ADVISORS as well: PurpleNurple and Nemo
Prizes Mailed Out It took 2 hours at the Post Office, standing in line and then figuring out how to mail all this stuff. Then $100 later, it is all in the mail. 7-10 day delivery on it. Winners, we expect pictures and reviews! Oh, and we found Ducttape. Cancel the APB on him!
We would like to point out the TF2 server rankings. We thank all of you for your hard work in getting those servers to #1 spots. 24/7 Dustbowl Rank: 8th 24/7 2Fort Rank: 5th 24/7 Goldrush Rank: 52nd 24/7 Warpath Rank: 26th 24/7 Turbine Rank: 33rd Ranking Source: Click Here If you have not yet signed up with game tracker, please do so now. After you sign up, join EdgeGamers Clan located HERE
COD4 MEET and GREET Hey everyone it's time for a Call of Duty 4 Meet and Greet! This is just for everyone to get in the server and play, maybe meet some members that you haven't met. Please get in ventrilo too! Lets try to fill up the server! Wednesday Night (June 25, 2008) 6PM Pacific (PDT) 7PM Mountain (MDT) 8PM Central (CDT) 9PM Eastern (EDT) In our server: Thanks -Hostile
=(e)= ONLY NIGHT This will be the first e night of the summer and there will be many more to come. The purpose of these scrims is to allow the new recruits of the clan to interact and gain experience of what our community is like. Meeting other recruits, making friends and having fun. Join up and enjoy yourself on Tuesday nights. Click here for the info e night
Counter Strike Source Meeting We will be having a manditory meeting about the CS:S division only. If you do not play CS:S you do not have to attend. This meeting will cover recent issues involving: Website confusion Server issues Admin improvements Server changes and other random items... This meeting will be held in ventrillo. If you do not have ventrillo you can download it by clicking on the "Ventrillo information" link to your left in the navigation bar. Even if you do not have a mic, you can download it and listen. Time: 6:00 pm PST 7:00 pm MST 8:00 pm CST 9:00 pm EST Date: Friday Jun 27 2008 Place: ventrillo Counter Strike Source Chanel Thanks and we will see you then -MH-