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    EdgeGamers-Tage Submission!

    noice :)
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    Missile Wars - February 1st, 2021

    cool event thou
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    title game of the year with your friend poll

    between phasmophobia and among us, which game deserves the "fun" game to play with random strangers
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    Ayo People Still Play CS

    bruh i feel you but my case is in trouble in terrorist town yeah let's play ttt instead
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    COUNTER-STRIKE SOURCE - DUST 2 24/7 - very delayed and laggy slideshow

    yeah cs:source is not changing anymore i think so developers abandoned it
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    Meet The Leadership - Wish

    +rep wish that actually a really fantastic name nice phasmophobia title over there bro lol no cap
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    New Years CS:GO Server Updates!

    awesome updates from ego server managers
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    cs:go "how to get to global elite from silver elite master"

    Guys, I have struggled to climb rank in cs: go, any hints or tips from professional cs: go members on our forums, any good rank instructor videos I should watch?
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    About Hacker and cheater in every online games

    I feel like they do it for fun, to gain advantages against other players, and ruin the game's atmosphere. I really hate them so much and blame them for everything, from that i thought i could use fire to against fire, but somehow i nearly became a role I hate most, but in the end I decided to...
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    counter strike my great memories

    this game has many cool experiences for me, a Vietnamese american helped to create the mod from half life and I was born the same year the first game was released( cs 1.0) soon it attached to my lifelong childhood. in 2016, when i moved to the USA with my potato laptop, i bought the cs:go game...
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    Journey to the USA(part 4)

    from many years living with american roommates, I have learned that they smoked weeds a lot(legal in Oregon) and they were friendlier and less hostile to me compared to Japanese ones. I less talked to them but I helped a guy to move his TV from his room to his car well that state has 90% white...
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    Phasmophobia: new player guide by minhtuanlane98(part 1)

    so here's the thing,forget about training session just press "play game" button then you find the good lobby with many ex-players who would harass your level and newbie stuffs..okie it's gud for you to get into the room with people rather than alone right, from time to time, you would find new...
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    Journey to the USA( small part not part 3 yet)

    Hi Guys, i am back again so today I just want to tell you guys about my funny Laser tags experiences with Americans and international students, i was still wearing sweater and i got lots of sweat, our team won two rounds after battling back and forth( 40 vs 40 or 30 vs 30) i forgot so...