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    Announcement CS Back to School Promotions

    Congrats guys
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    Announcement New Admin Trainers

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    GTA - Back To School Promotions

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    Buster Manager Promotion

    congrats buster
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    The return

    Welcome back man
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    Who Is Your Fav Admin

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    Scary is definitely not Larry!

    congrats kaden
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    Announcement Big Announcement!

    Congrats guys
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    Accepted Public Safety Application - Mike Halal

    Department: Los Santos Police Department Character Full Name: Mike Halal Your Timezone: GMT+1 Preferred Shift: (IE 6:00PM - 9:00PM) Discord: Alexander.#2303 What's your character's backstory?: Mike Halal has always been very devout about his religious views, lately, he's been straying...
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    Star Senior Manager Promotion!

    congrats Star
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    Announcement Newest CS Manager!

    mashallah @bakr
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    Count to 10.

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    FiveM - FiveM - when entering a radio channel i use the item in the slot

    What application are you reporting this issue on? FiveM What server is this happening on? FiveM Short description of the bug. when entering a radio channel i use the item in the slot Description of the bug. f.eks i put in radio 23, i use slot 2 and 3 in my inv, using /frequency does...
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    Five M - Five M - none of the bank hacking things are showing up by the vault door. except for the big bank in the city and the one on legion square.

    Mb didnt cut it, first was more to show how the bank point was in the door way @EchoFX