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    Who is your favorite Genshin Impact character?

    Xinyan is my waifu and Tartaglia/Nobile pretty much my main DPS for some reason
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    lmao what, damnit wish
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    Please post pictures of goats

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    Thank You Custom Stats

    Thanks for the hard work Custom, really did a lot of work for CS:GO, you will be missed, always GOAT.
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    Open undercover admins

    use undercover member to monitor members' behaviors, if you feel like an admin is abusing, do a contact leadership with proof and LE will handle it.
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    Who are you thankful for?

    Those who makes the server fun and not a pain in the ass to be, you know who you are, i love you all, thanks for making the servers great đź’•
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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Jailbreak server DDOSed

    Got me there, didn't thought about sarcasm. Honestly yeah TTT >>>> JB
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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Jailbreak server DDOSed

    No lmao, it was literally getting ddosed
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    How do you manage Work/School/Gaming life

    meh I'm just a mess, i sometimes let everything for the end so i just stress a lot, so because of that i have sometimes a lot of free time but i use it playing another game other than the one eGO support, sleep lot of hours or in my phone looking at memes or videos, my life pretty simple
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    is it good if i have 300ms ping?

    don't expected to go below 250, i sometimes play in a server in Singapore and really doesn't go below 300 ms( not in America but near)
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    csgo - beginner surf - custom title not working

    Eh honestly no idea if you manage to fix it, but pretty sure the inside command works reading after [ and stop at ] so that's why probably telling you that
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    not really something to worry or fix in my opinion, if anything report to admin(no need if they are active) and they will handle, if no admin try taking a video of it or copy of the logs and do a report player thread
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    Open Counter Strike - Gang Customization

    i was trying to find the different thread where this was suggested and rejected, but i couldn't, resume, its not the fact that is difficult, but the fact CSGO(valve) would get mad plus add targeting a person with their skin, not gonna happen, sorry
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    Open [CS TTT] Add Back TTT Rooftops!

    to make the gameplay a bit different from boring rounds now, yes.
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    Open [CS At-Large] Individual Sever Divisions

    the strategy of "divide and win" doesnt work sometimes and it will only cause more confusion, the only ones that are able to add maps as mention before are CM, and CM is not a role easy to pick, a way to fix the problem for updates and more CS general problems is add another CM, not 7-8 more CM...