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    New dude in the crew

    Guys a freakshow
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    Ban Appeal

    Just wanna say if you were ban evading be honest because I learned my lesson from that multiple times. Still unable to get unbanned.
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    Announcement Newest CS Manager!

    Long time coming
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    Reword the rules

    The rules for counter strike are all connected with the same general rules. In other words, if we are rewording on TTT it is rewording for Jailbreak as well. That is my opinion based on my logic sorry if that seemed out of place sometimes I don't explain myself well enough the first time.
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    Reword the rules

    The rules were designed for specific instances and situations regarding the players. The current wording is intentionally vague to allow for the admin trainers and leadership to further define and clarify the rules according to server needs. This is also what keeps the servers punk-free. With...
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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive New JB Map In Progress

    Wow the improvement really shows. Keep up that good work, any questions feel free to DM
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    Daddys Grumpy

    True art master
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    Anime What are you currently watching?

    Watching Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba at the moment. If you're into martial arts anime this is 100% a must watch. I like to think of it as if Naruto: Shippuden and Avatar: The Last Airbender had a sexy child.
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    A thank you to Power Outlet

    @Power_Outlet Good on you bro.
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    Dream Skin?

    StatTrak Butterfly knife | Night (FN)
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    I think you might be onto something here my man. In any game, your goal should be clear, otherwise the game is meaningless, we play because we are looking for goals to achieve, we are looking for challenges. Even in a game of contemplation, in a certain way there is also an objective, which in...
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    Tell me about the lowest point in your life

    I had to make an edit to share this because I wasn't really sure whether I was willing to share this much. Prior to march of 2021, in October 2020 my dad had just died of an opioid overdose unexpectedly and I found him in his room and thought he was asleep. I was supposed to give him keys to a...
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    Thanks for the tips, copped an external drive & a windows inspiron which was 300 dollars on sale. Good day.
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    What buster said, but next time remember that a lot of users actually set their name and don't realize it displays publicly for other users. Taking this information and exposing it to 30+ people in the chat isn't a great idea in the future.