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    CSGO Jailbreak A birthday celebration

    This is INSANE
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    CSGO Jailbreak JB MAP TIER LIST V2 (and bracket)

    How is PumpkinBunker not the top map?
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    CSGO Jailbreak We need old minecraft beta back

    I do believe this map is being worked on. Could have something to do with it.
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    CSGO Jailbreak An alright shot

    I’ll hit him with the promotion
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    CSGO Jailbreak An alright shot

    Chill with that one bro
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    CSGO Jailbreak An alright shot

    I'd like to take this moment to thank my mentor @DDZ ZioNeX. He made me the AWP crutch I am today.
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    Announcement 💀Counter Strike Advisor Promotions💀

    Chill with that one 💀
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    Event Hide and Seek | July 17th

    Just executed my man with one line.
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    Event [CS:S] 24/7 Office Only Server Fill | July 8th

    You do NOT want to miss this event. Rumor has it @slain will be there as well.
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    Counter-Strike Surf Left or Surf Right

    You’re faster if you surf right AND surf on the T side.
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    Counter-Strike Zombie Server

    What @santa said. The plug-in is unstable. Every game update breaks it. Not worth the hassle.
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    My Attempt at a USP-S Skin

    That’s pretty cool looking.
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    Green is member, light blue is admin, darker blue is advisor, red is LE.