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    Open CS:GO Jailbreak - my gang dissapeared

    As far as I’m aware, no. We only have records for gang kills, not credits. Without a video or some form of proof showing before / after credit balance, you might unfortunately be out of luck.
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    Open CS:GO Jailbreak - my gang dissapeared

    @xNep Do you by chance have any photos / videos of the glitch? Proof of credits before and after the glitch would be beneficial.
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    CSGO Jailbreak Do we like breakfloor on VIP (maybe ill change it)

    While I like the idea of replacing the broken dodgeball with climb, I’m against changing other games as VIP is loved by many the way it is. I think changing LR room to have games like surf, bhop, and race could be cool. The room is only used for Warday so it shouldn’t ruin too many players...
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    Counter-Strike [AWP]Add spawn protection

    @DDZ ZioNeX and I play on the AWP server quite a bit and I don’t think we’ve run into a big issue of spawn killing. I can only think of one map where spawn killing is frequent, being Crazy jump. Personally, I think it just adds to the chaos and it’s only one map.
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    Counter-Strike TTT

    A good alternative would be making Detectives have priority in voice chat. Not sure if it's possible but making everyone's voice chat volume lower by 50% when a detective speaks could be an interesting idea / test run. @MSWS is something like this even possible?
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    Announcement Minigames Tribute | May 22nd

    Would you have it any other way?
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    Announcement Minigames Tribute | May 22nd

    Was a good final tribute to minigames. Thanks everyone for coming, I know you all had fun!
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    GLOVE GIVEAWAY JUNE 4TH, Bomb them all!!!

    @sopheyy I’ll be working all summer ):
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    CSGO Jailbreak Playing T games as CT?

    I personally swap CT’s for playing T games all the time as it tends to disrupt the round immensely, guns or not. The rules state playing T games as a CT is not allowed and the warden is unable to override that rule. If you feel an admin is not enforcing this rule and they are aware of it, make a...
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    Announcement Where we droppin? [NEW CS ATS] (FREE CHUCK E CHEESE TOKENS)

    Greasy grove ain’t gonna know what hit them.
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    On to the Legends Stage

    Thanks Chris
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    Announcement EdgeGamers Spring Wingman Tournament

    I didn’t wanna participate anyway ):
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    Looking for new keyboard

    If you can swing above your spending limit, I would suggest any Razer keyboard that fits your needs / wants. Lots of people bash and meme razer products, but every product I’ve owned from them has been beyond reliable and have taken a significant amount of abuse. For example, I’m still using a...
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    Open CS:GO Jailbreak - ST and !teams

    No, but I will go on dev today with someone and recreate it. I’ll make sure to upload a clip and logs for you.