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    Havent Been on in A while!

    Sry guys that I havent been on in a while I hope that I dont get penalized or nothing like that lol, i have had some family and school problems i should be back in hard core in a few days k peace and stay good.
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    Graphic Card Help?

    however i dont like intel i would go amd if you benchmark and amd to an intel for the price you pay a 2.2 ghz amd actually benchmarks at like 6.6 gaming wear an intel gets very little over what it actually says...either way there still good chips just not the best there is for gaming to be...
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    Graphic Card Help?

    i suggest waiting untill around christmas and a lil after because ati and nvidea are coming out with cards that support direct x 10 so as for an agp card i dont know what to tell you to get but for pci x16 i would do two ati x1900's in crossfire(sli) goood stuff that is but you can do the same...
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    You think your a Guitar Hero?

    lol i play guitar hero it's really easy compared to some other music games but i also play real bass and really good lol
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    New Machine....

    ok sry i havent been on in a while i have had to work 12 hr shifts at work but i have also been doing some research i have changed my mind on the nvidea over ati, ati is starting to get my atention with there new x1900 series and im prolly goona end up running two of those in crossfire (sli)...
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    New Machine....

    lol thanks for all of your opinions my personal experience is i like amd much more than intel personal reasons lol erm definatly nvidia(evga) over ati, ati done some good but way more bad i only say this because i owned both, and yuri the cards on that site are the same as if not lower...
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    [poll] No mouse

    lol i do a lil bit of photo shop i use cs 2 and yes it is extreamly hard to do on a lap top if you do those without a mouse yes yes indeed mad props grimm mad props lol
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    New Machine....

    Hey guys im getting ready to drop a lot of money into a cutsom desktop i got all the parts picked out but if you guys got any link to some new interesting stuff or any suggestions that would be awsome or some other sites besides new egg and tiger direct so thanks just lemme know thanks
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    Custom Sigs or Sprays, by Grimzors and Neuroxcore

    hey can any of you tell me how to get my sig i made uploaded it works for my avatar but i dont have a adress for it to use it as a sig anyone tell me how to do that?