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    Edgegamers Ending Support for DoD:S

    So sad to see. It's also crazy to think it all started over 13 years ago.. Missing the old days right now but I wish you all the best <3
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    1 Year

    If i was a member, i would have beat you HeadShot =P
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    Finally had a good kill streak

    doesn't count, its on left4dod =P
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    Finally had a good kill streak

    it says 30 is my highest, but I'm sure I've had higher on other servers :biggrin:
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    Wish me luck!

    I some how got a lower score my second time around :(
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    1 Year at Edgegamers!:)

    I feel cool for having the three year one.... even though I'm not an eGO member lol
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    man its been a while

    Good game last night. I guess I'll have to keep dropping by on eGO's servers, since everyone in my clan plays BF BC2 now =/
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    Looking for EGO batch 2007. :P

    I'm not a member anymore.... but I joined 09-11-2006 and got the boot around 07-08 ish.... Its been a while but doesn't seem like it was that long ago lol
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    Farewell To Our Friend

    I can't believe I just heard about this.... Tech Sgt. Starbuck made my day everytime he was online. His laughter, His love and support was what really kept me going when the times got though Its crazy..... its like I can almost still hear him laughing and having a good time, just like in the...
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    Just wanted to drop by and say

    here we go! Thanks to slayr for fixing my old account :)
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    Scrim results and phots: latest

    hahaha you got the one showing that i was kicked!!!!
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    Garry's Mod DoD Boredom/Fun

    wow your too good !!!
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    Pic Post Yourself

    lol Baron!!!
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    ty e's

    ty guys :)
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    i am the 2nd most active person :)