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    Things in John's office: June Edition

    Back in the DOS days, I played every game out there. One of the oddball games was Scorch (it is available in Win 10). Cool artillery game with really wild types of shells.
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    Back in Action

    Counselor, I haven/t been around the server or DOD:S for about 10 years. In that time, I thought you would have retired and devoted your life to the beach, gaming and other equally fun pursuits other than the legal profession. Your blood pressure would like that :thumbup1:
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    [DoD:S FAQ's] Official "Favorite Map" Poll

    Nice to see Avalanche is still holding its own, still going strong!
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    Artimus Loses His Mind

    When I first started playing DoD, I was on for about 3 hours a night... plus about 6 hours at a stretch on weekends. Generally it was after people had gone to bed and I was using headphones. It tends to get a little more intense with headphones as it ends up being your entire "world" - you...
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    Your ISP

    I'm in Ottawa, Canada and use Rogers as my ISP
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    T-Shirts Are Gone. 5 XL Hoodies Remain

    Mike, did you sell your Soul to have him wear the hoodie? LOL, I see in the mirror that you were the one that took the pic!
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    Merry Christmas to all You Virtual Trigger Happy Goons Out There!!

    ....and in particular to John and Mike. A nutty lawyer and insane drummer that hatched a half baked impossible idea over a beer and created a gaming community that thousands enjoy. ...and also to those members like Kendle, Tom and Tommy that keep the wheels turning and make sure the lights...
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    Australian Admins for US server requests

    Deathgaze, eGO has admins from all over the world, thus there can be coverage in different time zones. There are generally at least a few admins online in various servers. If you need one, look on eGO servers, post on the forum chat, or on Ventrilo, or even try a PM. We can't be on every...
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    eG or FA ??

    BTW, don't forget that, a person may receive a field promotion by a council member withou actually having to join a house. When they set up the House system, council reserved the right to promote as they see fit.
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    Formal Apology - From the Kustom Kettle

    Aw Spetz, you didn't have to go to all this trouble. The actions of a few individuals extremely seldom reflect the prevailing tone of an entire clan. As far as I am concerned and to those who have known you, KK will always be "family" as long as you are in charge.
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    New Motto?

    The supplied mottos are pretty lame. We need something that has substance like: The Best, The Boldest, The Daring: eGO!
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    I am back

    Nice to have you back, Rojo. Da Pineapple is back....! BTW on a side note. I "jailbroke" my iPod touch, and now when it resprings (reboots) on power on, it displays a pineapple with a bite out of it. I immediately thought of you, heh, heh! Welcome back, bud.
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    Top Forum Priority?

    If the ribbons and awards aren't already here, most likely it is too much work to put them in. If it's that much work, forget about it.
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    I keep on telling you guys, but you refuse to do it. If there is a problem with an admin on the server, PM A MEMBER OF COUNCIL AND GIVE THE NAMES OF THE ADMINS IN THE PM !! The minute all of you start to do that, the admins will know there is someone looking over their shoulder and they'll...
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    I don't like to get mad.

    The voice chat aspect is kind of an elastic area. The basic rules are that there must not be mic spam, and that includes constant talk, sports-like commentary, and also abuse, racism, swearing etc. Generally it is more of a common sense approach...if it starts to bug players, then it should...