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    We have two Days of War servers now!

    I agree, not very fun. It just feels weird
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    Merry Christmas ya filthy animals.
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    Merry Christmas all!
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    Figured I'd Introduce Myself

    Welcome back!
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    Coming Back

    Welcome back! I look forward to mowing you down
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    Starting them early...

    Lol that's awesome
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    Happy Birthday SuperGlue!

    Mmmm.. Cake.
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    Did you see

    Looks pretty neat, hopefully Apple gets on the wagon..
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    Issues joining server.

    I deleted all local data and uninstalled via Steam.. reinstalled and still didn't work. So I manually deleted the data in the folder and reinstalled and it worked. Thanks!
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    Issues joining server.

    Help! I had to reinstall Windows, I upgraded to 10 and then began getting "Machine Check Exception", so I wiped everything clean and went back to Windows 7 Ultimate 64. When I go to get on Avalanche, it freezes at Retrieving Server Info and the whole engine shuts down. I can't cancel or exit...
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    Favorite Vacation spots -whats yours?

    I live in Destin, FL. About 1/4 mile off the beach. We love it here!
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    Old Clans

    eGO was my first clan. Member #42, coming up on 10 years!
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    Some cool Gary's Mod scenes

    Made some scenes Gary's Mod. Got bored, pretty fun though! And just for good measure.. back in the day..
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    1500 Hrs For DoD:S

    Lol.. I don't even want to know.. 3,000+