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    eGO DIE!

    I'm done here and I hope eGO fails. I really do. I know all the crap thats gone on lately and I think Krakken is leaving too.
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    What the Hell is this video about?

    That dude was probly an adult. A midget, but an adult nonetheless
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    Krakken: Its fierce, feared, and giant. It has no pity, no restraint, and the only way to stop it is killing it. It represents me. Stormtrooper: I love Star Wars and nothing comes to mind more than a Stormtrooper from Star Wars (well, Darth Vader but he doesn't count its just unfair). And...
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    What the Hell is this video about?

    Another avatar and sig?!! Kool. Let me guess above the Britkitty is is in some alphabet I cant read. However, the bottom one says: Tobai (prounounced toe bye). I know I got that part. However what the word means is still unknown to me as I speak only a little Japenese though I can read Hirigana...
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    Good Bye

    Im glad you dont hate me. I dont hate eGO. And once my DoD starts workin again (or I go to my dad's house) I'll probly visit the server every now and then. You guys are cool people and I wish you the best.
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    Good Bye

    Trust me, its not my problem. Bbeing randomely kicked and banned for things I didn't do is not my idea of fun. I would merely like to be remembered as a friend of eGO and *not* be hated by everyone in it. I still visit forums of clans I leave
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    Q and A

    Battlefield 2 Korn or Nirvana
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    Good Bye

    I'm tired of all the crap I have seen and dealt with lately. It gets old, very old. I will most likely not be coming back to the server for a good while. For more information look in the contest ban section. This is from both me and Mobster
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    Day of Defeat Problems

    And the demo had nothing to do with it. I played Day of Defeat for hours before this happened, it was the resolution change. I have no doubt of that.
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    Day of Defeat Problems

    This computer has 2 and a half gig of ram I dont think it will matter that much
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    Sharing is Caring

    Only a little, Lt. Waffle. Only a little. Besides we have nearly endless attention spans anywa- HEY LOOK! A BIRD! No, a plane. WAIT YOUR RIGHT! ITS A BIRD! That is all (both of us)
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    Day of Defeat Problems

    Well whenever I reboot, my settings on Steam games are all reset (usually). The problem is that at the moment I'm downloading the Battlefield 2142 demo, and I dont want to stop it at 86% done.
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    Day of Defeat Problems

    I changed the resolution on DoD, and it got all screwed up. So screwed up, I cant change it back. Nothing but colorful lines going around the screen and a monitor message saying "Power Save To Kick In In 3.... 3... 3.... (Dang my monitor is slow (no it didn't actually do 3 3 times, it counted DOWN))
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    Wow heat, that was oddly long for such a simple subject. And yes Noxus, making them more mad is the point. If they already hate you, what will a little more hate do anyways? (Not really, I'm smarter than that)
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    Do we?

    Support or a rilfe. Either way I pwn all!