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    I'm out

    have good time over inthe jones house :(
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    Average Internet Speeds? if u are unsure go to the above website :)
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    Click to make city grow

    done and done
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    I Just Had To Post This Punch

    for the record john 2 aka(one of the boss men ):P is a ninja and i taught him all there is need to know about nijaing around :P
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    Field Ex.

    can i ask wot a ml is?
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    the good old days

    back in my day................ :P
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    [poll] Attila vs. Frid

    pop ftw btw plz dont shout about it in servers kktyvm
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    :( :( :( but real life must come first ................. sadly :P
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    A few Questions About Being =(e)=

    i think this question has been answered :)
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    [moved] NEVER GO <><ING

    man i love fishing! no ov the sea stuff,but plain old course :)
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    bloody hell fire , u bring shame 2 us all
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    i hate dod more and more every day

    if u hate it so y do u play it :P ???
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    Come :D

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    First post!

    wot the hell u guys on about, my head hurts :)