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    HELLO! How's it going!?

    Heyyy! I remember you! Long time man! Hope all is well with you!
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    Runescape 3

    I used to play. I think I have full dragon (full drag helm, plate, legs, boots, gloves) with gold trim and a dragon 2 hand. Probably poor cash wise but last i checked it was around 20 mill for the gear i had. Ah runey... those were the days.
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    What is your CPU clock speed?

    I want to see screenshots for the 4 people running 5.1+ I dont believe you lol
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    ☼ ☼ ☼ Power Rangers ☼ ☼ ☼

    Joined! Thanks for making the announcement on the group!
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    Which would you prefer to win in the next quarterly giveaway?

    Chair, because we are a PC gaming group and we all have to sit comfortably while we game :)
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    I just put in my application to eGO. What is next?

    Hop on teamspeak, check the events in the DODs specific sub forum, and most important of all enjoy yourself! If you are looking to move up to eG/eGO just be perceptive, be patient, and take notes. We are a great bunch and I'm sure you will feel right at home here :)
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    Tech Help Network Guys! Need Your Help...

    Only things I can think of is your walls are made of lead. If you have some beast of a GPU maybe that's causing some interference? Your using 802.11n when your router only uses 802.11b or something like that (doubt that though) Your PC is speaking to you the only way it can to run a cat 5 and...
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    Check This Out New Computer on its way: AMD 1700X - GTX 1060 6GB build

    This is totally normal lol. PC part picker is hands down the greatest website. Congrats on your beast!
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    Tech Help Blue Screen Issue

    Have you re-installed the video drivers? Ran a check disk? If so what did it report? Even though the 1080 only needs about 20w more power than the 970 are you sure your power supply is large enough? Id go straight to NVidias site to get the newest drivers rather than off the disc. There may be...
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    Do you like wearing socks with sandals?

    I believe I quote Otto Rocket from Rocket power when I say... Looks like we have some SHOOBIESSSS
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    DOD:S - What would make our public servers more enjoyable to play?

    If you have any examples this may be a good thread to start. Its always good to get feedback on how we can admin better especially on a server that is keeping DoDs alive.
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    DOD:S - What would make our public servers more enjoyable to play?

    So far we dont have a lot of people in the servers as is Thursday 3/9/17 Avalanche #1 - Still in the #1 Spot! Donner #88 - Up 9 Spots Kalt #108 - Down 5 Spots I mean Kalt is dying bad and Donner is in the same boat. I can see a Donner/Kalt rotation maybe even being started off with a player...
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    Giveaway Quarterly Giveaway - What do you want?

    Gaming monitor...