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    Happy Friday

    Happy Friday, That is all!!! :thumbup:
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    I miss Strand

    I LOVE STAND !!!! MAybe we should have Strand Night?? And play sounds from ww2 movies in the background???? And Strand it out all night !!!
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    returning admin, need help

    Thank you I will message Nuke
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    returning admin, need help

    hello, most of you may not know me, i've been inactive for a long time. but i am back to playing source games and i have become active again. I need help with the admin panel, new leadership (as i heard JohnT retired) where is the proper place for all of that? (do i need retraining?)...
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    6 year Vet in need of help

    Hello EGO team, Its nice to see your all doing so well!!!! Most of you have never heard of me, But i was recruited into Ego by JohnT back in in 2006 when EGO was only DoD/DoD:s and about 500 members ><. I've been inactive for more than a year, due to Schooling work and changing of...
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    I love =(eGO)=? becuase...

    I'm loving all these stories, I've read and enjoyed them all so far. Both long and short
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    I love =(eGO)=? becuase...

    Back two years ago or so, I was searching for a decent DoD:S server to play in. Back then it was hard to find a regular server with good people with good attitudes and the desire to JUST play the game without all the messy drama most gamers usually have. A lot of the server either had WAY to...
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    Favorite map

    Kalt, its where i left my last ownage
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    Roll Call Confusion

    Thats what the e-mail says O_o
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    Dressed in eGO

    lol awesome to the extreme Thunderhorse you've been here for a while becuase i just remember that pic.... or style of pic lol
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    im bACKKK

    Let us blame college and work for my absents. Now lets party!
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    im bACKKK

    HAH HA HA HA Im back, DoD and TF2 C ya there
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    DOD Servers upgraded

    Lol ! LOL i love office space =D
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    Dressed in eGO

    Awesome Shirt+ Hat haha
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    __Name Your Favorite Tank__

    What book? i want to know ><