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    Call of duty 5 (World At War)

    pacific theater!? sick... heres some pics i found
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    Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends

    really excited for that new album the rock alternative station here in the Bay Area of california is playing violet hill all the time now but i dont think ill ever get sick of it
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    Post a Pic of your DREAM car

    surprised no one came up with a R8
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    So, uhh, I needed a couple rifles.....

    lol, imagine someone trying to rob a bank with a k98, freaking hilarious. somehow that thought just popped up.
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    [poll] Firefox vs Internet Explorer

    firefox or die
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    Suggestions oN Increasing the Rocket class Numbers.

    who are all these posers saying that they are the rocketeers!? i believe there is only one true master... *COUGH* *COUGH* *points at name* and maybe drunken sailor... but im still above him..
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    Warning this may give skittish viewers nightmares

    clowns are already scary... but a Ronald Mcdonald brings that to a whole new level...
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    Hey,,, you guys

    have fun! ;)
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    Favorite gun for weird reason

    hmmm. rocket anyone? probably because theres nothing better than shooting a rocket straight through avalanches double axis sniper window, and seeing that yellow highlighted kill bar... sigh...
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    lol, I just had to do it again. =[

    you might want to just consider like, maybe going outside and maybe taking a walk, or at least going to the bathroom...
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    The ONLY man who can kill Chuck Norris!

    i think you might just be right...
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    Pokemon + Day of Defeat = DoDMon

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    ahhh. DINNER!