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    TF2 and name changes.

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    TF2 and name changes.

    I'm probably missing something really obvious, but can anyone tell me how to change my nick in TF2? Right now it has my account name rather than "=(eG)= Winterfell", and the "name" command doesn't seem to be working. Morbid: Issue Solved, Locked.
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    Two quick questions.

    I can wait till things get a bit more settled, if that's what it takes. Thank you for keeping us informed, puppets.
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    Two quick questions.

    1. Is there anything we need to do to "join", or are all eGO:DoD members considered members here too? 2. Is rank in the two sister clans independent?
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    DoD movie

    Just so you guys now, you can download it on steam (Video tab, click the add videos link) in all its high res glory. I like it better than on sites like youtube. Good video, though.
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    Scrim match! A tie

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    Scrim match! A tie

    Well, started off with eg leading by 4, then e made a strong comback with 5, then eg tied again....And tied again to 6. Lots lots of action, blowing things up, zerg rushing, etc. Good game all around, thanks to everyone who participated it made it such a great match :)
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    Valve Kinda Hacked, Scare Over (new title)

    Well, sometimes you can have a box that supposedly isn't externally accessible...But is internally. Then the hacker breaks into a low level box on the internal network, and works his way up until he's on a machine and account that has the authority to access this stuff. Of course, this isn't...
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    anyone in college?

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    Speed up your computer 30% !!!!

    There are performance options for the hdd as well. Just saying, be careful should you decide to adjust it while you're at it with the windows ;)
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    Speed up your computer 30% !!!!

    Be careful when using this as it relates to the hdd. Having a UPS helps.
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    This Stuff is Hilarious

    That's great...Thanks for sharing the link, heh.
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    Does anybody watch....

    There are a few alright animes out there. There's even one or two good ones. But someone once pointed a rule out to me: 90% of everything is crap. Seems to hold true with anime as well. It also seems all the good ones are subbed, and if they're available in the dubbed format...well, the dubs...