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    Cpu has died, pls halp

    Maybe I’m old but for as long as I’ve been working on computers, I’ve always used a dab of rubbing alcohol when I’m replacing thermal paste/cleaning it up. my formula was a dab of alcohol to clean any old stuff up, the perfect amount of thermal paste, and about an hour of waiting, to be on a...
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    Teamspeak connection issues

    That's fine, thanks for being honest. If you've completed the above steps and made sure you're not on a list by using this website: and you don't have a VPN/proxy and you followed this below, and it still hasn't resolved the problem, I can offer you no further support as I...
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    Teamspeak connection issues

    @Teben Would you be comfortable with letting me take over your PC so I can check some settings? If so, can you please download and install TeamViewer, if you do not already have it downloaded. Please select the free, non-commercial personal use option. Please do not reconfigure any...
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    Teamspeak connection issues

    That's extremely inconvenient. So, for a few weeks eGO just kicked you out of TeamSpeak without you having a proxy or VPN running and the only solution was to use a hotspot on your phone and switch over until it subsided? I know in that thread it's stating turn off some stuff, but if you didn't...
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    (Early) Easter Promotions!

    Congratulations. I hope this isn't an April Fool's prank! Haha, good work. Keep up the faith. :)
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    Denied CSGO - All EGO servers except bhop dev server - I get shit ping like every night

    This is off topic but this thread made me lol.
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    Video streaming

    I might be ignorant in this field, but are you talking about like screen capturing? ie; something that records what's being displayed on your screen in real time?
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    Why is eGO so special to you? and why eGO?

    A little over a decade ago, I joined eGO because of TF2 and was met with someone named ScrappyDoo. I got promoted to an eG and switched to CS:S because of Jailbreak and that's where I developed my person and became an admin trainer under bigredking, eventually leading up to a community manager...
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    What Do You Look Like? 3.5

    Some photos of me and my fiancé and my Daschund!
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    talking a break

    Good luck on your exams. I just recently passed the Florida Law Enforcement exam and am trying to qualify for SWAT operations, so I know how important taking time of the internet and studying is. Let us know if you need any help - we're not going anywhere.
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    Welcome to eGO.
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    I need help searching and finding peripherals for a PC

    Dude - what? This whole post is silly if you won't give us a budget. That's like going to buy a car, the sales person asks how much your budget is, and you say "I'm not gonna tell you - just find me some shit that works based on reviews and prior users input" You'd spend 10 hours looking at...
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    Possible gaming laptop

    The video card is solid in my opinion. By itself, It's roughly $500 right now and if I remember correctly, it is the world's first ray tracing video card and supports DLSS 2.0, which matters to some people. The cooling specification is fans and it regulates boosting the clocks by approximately...
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    talking a break

    Suspicious behavior.
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    We Will Miss You RedDragonKnight

    thanks for all the jail maps you made and improved on CS:S/CS:GO. back when CS:S Jail was popular, you were a great asset as far as jail development went and it was appreciated by people who enjoyed that game style.