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    What kind of phone do you have?

    Droid X... freaking aweosme
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    Cod mw2 - vs - bfbc2

    Bad company 2 without a doubt, vehicles, helicopters and uav's make it for me.... I owned MW2 for a couple of months, and was real dissapointed... I would go with BC2
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    Leaving for Afghanistan

    Take good care of yourself cowboy, I'll keep you in my prayers.
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    "Fun with Mines... Vol. 2" [An eGO Original Video]

    I agree, yall have too much fun without me
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    INS vs BC2 : SCRIM

    listen to these guys lol... im ready for a scrimmage any time
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    I use Recon the entire time but I never snipe!

    why would you use magnum ammo with an m95 on hardcore mode? it is a one shot kill either way...
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    M1 Garand?

    im not having any trouble with my m1, it works fine for me... maybe it is the server that is blocking it, I know that it blocks the m1 on some of the servers I play
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    Adding eGO Servers to Favs

    either that or leave the search and server specification options blank, click full refresh and then click the server name button.... then scroll all the way down to eGO servers
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    BF Bad Company 2 PC Beta Discussion Thread

    No preload and slow internet? This day couldnt get any worse... at my internet speed, I wont be playing until friday...
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    pre download bad company 2 early?

    I hope they offer this for steam too, I cant stand downloading the game while everyone else is playing the game
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    BF Bad Company 2 PC Beta Discussion Thread

    the maps sound pretty sweet, looking forward to something other than Port Valdez
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    Saeten's Bad Company 2 beta raffle

    Me pick me!
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    Modern Warfare 2 VS Battlefield Bad Company 2

    yup it took me a couple years to level up in BF2... never did rank an officer though:(
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    Modern Warfare 2 VS Battlefield Bad Company 2

    My honest to heart opinion would have to be Bad Company 2. The dynamic, destructable, and all around awesomeness the game seems to present itself with is unmatched by MW2 and IW. Dont get me wrong, MW2 is a great game (except for the dedicated server BS) but Bad Company seems to seperate itself...