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    Oops i didn't sign in xD
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    What's the story behind your name?

    John Bonham = greatest drummer of all time for the greatest band of all time Led Zeppelin
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    ~~~///\\\~~~ The Official, Whats Under Your Tree, Thread ~~~///\\\~~~

    for me more than 600 hundred dollars with of cymbals for my drums (sabian aax hi hat, 16 and 18 inch crash). brother gets a new tv which works out for me cuz mine is broke and i get my brother's old 1 which is relatively new.
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    RAMBO 4

    first rocky and now this, man he needs to learn that people can get old...
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    amazing guitarist

    its called a drum machine. (or a computer, w/e you want to refer to it as.)
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    amazing guitarist

    i can do that, but on the drums :O
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    Baron Rojo's Halloween costume! - NSFW

    it does look like baron a little, just needs a little more weight :P
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    i havent seen that in so long!
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    Major Crisis...

    wont be able to play it for a while xD
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    Worst movies?

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    Blue Screen Of Death!

    i hate BSoD's mainly cuz i get em all the time :(. but yea, that is pretty amazing no1 has got around to doing anything about it.
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    Music Game

    Ozzy Osbourne - Over the Mountain
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    Music Game

    Mötley Crüe - Wild Side