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    Video Card Help

    i want to buy a Nvidea 8500Gt Geforce. My power supply is only 300 wats. On the website where i want to buy it from it dosen't say what it runs off of. Can anyone help me out. Here is the link:
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    that bastard left without tellin me bye oh he getting a beatin when i go to england this summer. y did he leave anyways ?
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    Dam Busters!

    i wanna join rev and corp. i want to wear the [DAM] tag proudly
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    [poll] Official Grapefruit vs. Pineapple Poll

    lolz rojo u fing terorist lolz
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    Teh Uber L33t is back

    lol dye welcome back
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    [poll] Team Speak and Radio

    if u play rock u know i be there
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    Good-bye every1... =(

    yea agreed scared to death that my budd allen was leaving us. thats right MY STATE lol have fun bud visit me lol no i don't want u at my house
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    welcome bud good to see that u joined had fun playing with u on donner yesturday and hope to see u on a lot more
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    Scrim Sunday Nite

    i be there and i have a question wat time is that eastern????
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    lol outbreak got owned loll
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    [moved] Chris Benoit, family found dead

    yea i heard pretty sad. feel bad for the kid.
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    woot first thread (gmod pics)

    awesome pics guys lol
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    My best Score ever in my life

    oh u hacking mg loser lol
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