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    Global Warming

    When earth was infant and it was the beginin of the formation of our solar system what is now known to be the asteroid belt wasnt a belt then.. it was all in the center the milky way galaxy and it countinously pounded earth.. its called the heavy bombardment period.. thats where it is believe...
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    Global Warming

    yeah remember when comets and asteroids constantly hit earth and everythign was really hot then the bacteria and life began and dinasours then ice age now''normality'' yeah earth.. weird
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    Just stopped by to say hey

    Hey nice of you to stop by.. come back soon
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    Important to read! (read asap)

    Yeah I had no idea that was you playing in donner
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    My montage is COMPLETE!

    ya I didn't really like it.. I liked the cal leauge one though on the side of youtube.. but good job.
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    Games crashing Vista left and right

    I get a free upgrade to windows vista premium from dell at the end of this month.. woot lucky me
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    Away for Abit

    Have fun dood.. dont cheat one your girlfriend lol
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    Power Supply

    Actually 600 is a lot of watt... the new video cards coming out, even the most advanced require only 450 watt or greater... dont spend your money on more gig.. you only need 1.. if not get 2... dont waste your money dude... You're not going to be playing Oblivion.. it's DoD ... once again save...
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    How much RAM needed?

    Waste of money, I have 1 gig and its more than enough and it runs great
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    They are coming out with blue ray disc optical drives so soon MY computer will be able to handle wii ps3 and xbox360 lol
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    Please if you have a myspace add this to your myspace this is VERY important to me and people who need help in the gaming community. And if you don't mind please add me to your top friends because I want to expand this so people dont have to search for answers anymore who need help and can...
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    YEEAAAHHH RIIIIIIIGHHTTTT.. It was on page 9 go figure.. I wonder how long it took you to find that when you read this poll and decided to make me loook stooooppiddd LOL... well anyway I didn't know that thread existed until Jones told me about it and that was hours after I posted this thread...
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    I noticed there was a previous forum regarding myspace.. but you must really look to find it.. so I don't think it's such a big deal I made another thread.. I'm really looking forward to get to know you guys better... that's why i made a myspace.. because a lot of people have it and it's a great...
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    Troubles, temporary absence.

    type net_graph 3 in consol
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    MYSPACE ADD ME! !shy