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    From the Archives - 10 years ago

    I really loved Day of Defeat!! Its crazy that i played it so long. Its crazy i have know Johnt and Artimus for so long now. I really enjoyed Helping lead EdgeGamers.
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    Cant remember the medic bind

    Thanks guys that worked! NIce to see you again bergen. Very confused to why you are eG though did you get in trouble or something?
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    Cant remember the medic bind

    I have tried making it work. I have tried.... bind "F12" "!medic" Bind "F12" "say_!medic" Nether seem to work could someone show me a working medic bind?
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    eGO Partners With Modern Paradise Media

    Looks very good guys! Nice work deets! Does it have a mg42 is my question:)
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    Council Welcomes Megs

    Very nice leadership choice council!
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    TS3 Discussion Thread

    Ok i got in i put ( in the line and it didnt like the IP i removed the ip and got in fine. May want to take that part off for the tech idiots like me.
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    TS3 Discussion Thread

    Having trouble connecting. Dont know where to the port number in. Differnt note someone please take me off the banlist for vent. was trying to make my mic work and it auto banned me i think.
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    Since I've been gone...

    Good looking kid man congrads
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    Leadership Promotions

    About damn time Meg!!! Congrads!
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    Update from slayr357

    Bergan! whats up brother!
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    Update from slayr357

    Hey guys thought i would let you know i got married on March 19th! i still stop by the website often. Sometimes pop into vent. My wife has taken a name yall might recognize . MrsSlayr357. She is a bit shy so please give her a shout out if you see her in vent.
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    Update and or Change

    We have a rotation fellas. You can play anynof our maps when ever you want. Just check the "game servers listing tab" on left.
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    Special Announcement

    Welcome to the brother and sisterhood of ex-council. All joking aside sad to see you go i hope you still come around vent and stuff.
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    This is great news brother! You will be a solid addition to the DoD leadership ranks!!!!