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    Clan Citadel

    well, i am working my best to give us some wood now.
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    Post your stats here

    My sig should have it
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    New Scamming Rule

    i understand
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    2000 after 7+ years (loss count)

    thanks everyone =)
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    2000 after 7+ years (loss count)

    Finally reached my next milestone after having this account for 7+ years and of course, you log out on me Cally
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    Runescape Recruitment Event.

    sounds like a good idea, let me know if u need more funds
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    EdgeGamers Clan Wide Roll Call - Summer 2011

    I did the roll call i think, but forgot to post here and have been on an extended vacation ever since
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    A Perfect 10...

    10 thousand that is. I just finished a normal game yesterday and I just realized this is my first time ever getting a solid number ending with at least three 0's. I also find it funny, that I only have 1 RP point left.
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    Final Bracket List

    Congratz guys, we lost to the team who won in the first round
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    DIN0 Replays of LoL Tournament

    O gawd, this shows me playing. Noo....
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    Hey GOB I made a post and I'll join your team if there is still a spot open by Tuesday. I got a reply to my post and they got until Tuesday to tell me
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    LoL Tourney (Joining a team)

    Hey guys, My name is Striker and my LoL name is Nlght Fury I'm looking to join any team and can play about every position. But, I specialize in Melee DPS or Tank Support. So if you need someone, give me a msg or post here
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    how is runescape holding up?

    Oh, so you are Gillean. I'm Alphonse369, I'm always in the Chat system, except that no one ever talks and I am not a good initiator for a conversation.
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    i'm always on, but mostly skilling Mon-Thurs Free to do stuff every other day
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    Make Millions by Almost doing Nothing

    you should, you get a lot of maple logs which you can sell for to make back the money you lost