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    [poll] Videogames ftl again (Virginia Tech)

    Duggles is right cause he was stalking his girlfrind befor this all happen
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    This or That

    lol this is confussing lol i dont get it
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    what the word noob really mean's!

    =(eGO)= OutbreaK said ... haha only a noob would look up what noob means hahahahaa lol
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    wireless connection problem => apology

    me to hammer i get it all the time
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    [Video] Intense Action Scene

    lol that is........... i dont know what that was but it was lol
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    hammer pic

    yeah what lance said that would be funny
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    [poll] Do you find poll threads annoying?

    ahahahahalollollollol................!!! that is funny.!!! but wher is the 10 more ideas?!?!?!? but LOLLOLLOL
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    Exams Over

    what is binary?? !dodge sound rilly hard, but did u do good?
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    [poll] Assualt Pistol

    =(e)= яiśκ said ... I wont post any more stupid polls i promise. Nice lol i hade heard that from smoe where !mistrust
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    cool map i found

    looks cool
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    Quake Con

    sounds like fun wish i could go with u
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    [poll] Forrest Gump, Saving Private Ryan or The Green Mile?

    Forrest Gump b/c i have not sean the other two
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    homestar runner

    what is homestar runner? :?
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    [poll] The "E" Button

    i dont pick up nades with "e" i pick them up with "f"
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    Playing DoD in a Window

    the duel-montiers would be cool but i am not that rich !lol