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    Edgegamers Ending Support for DoD:S

    Sad to see this. RIP fun, old days.... And I'll be raising a glass tonight to all the old regulars, who all contributed to building this community from the ground up.
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    How you got your steam username!

    Fozzie Bear is amazing, and -- since I'm pretty quiet -- I felt that I needed a name that stood out. Hence, WAKKA WAKKA WAKKA!!! was born.
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    Scrambled Eggs are Hard to Make...

    Team stacking does cause issues on Dustbowl. If BLU is strong enough (and RED weak enough) to blitz through all three stages in short order, you'll often see half of RED leave the server (and this will especially happen if the new BLU team gets hung up on the first stage). This can cause a chain...
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    New Hardware New Gaming Keyboard/Mouse Recommendation

    Looking for a new, durable, gaming keyboard/mouse. Wired preferred (and none of that weird back-lighting, unless I can turn it off). Any recommendations?
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    Vegas trip Oct. 22nd - 26th

    I might be in. Maybe. We'll see. :)
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    Steam Lag Problems

    I tried disconnecting the steam cloud - no problems so far!
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    Steam Lag Problems

    AT&T U-Verse
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    Steam Lag Problems

    This problem has just popped up for me in the last week or so. In all of my steam games (TF2, CS:S, DoD:S, LFD2) I'm getting unbelievable lag spikes. Is anyone aware of a new issue with Steam, and does anyone know if there are any solutions I can try? It would be greatly appreciated.
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    What's your level of education?

    Juris Doctor!
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    4 Years

    Youngin' :P
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    Star Trek Online

    I'm a huge trekkie, but I have a hard time buying into this since there's never actually been a good Star Trek game.
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    Major Update to Gaming Rig

    I'll be taking a look at all this info very soon. Thanks for the ideas! In other news, I'm glad I posted this because my mobo just failed on me. :/
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    Major Update to Gaming Rig

    Well, I just did a complete reinstall of Windows and am still getting ~10 fps on DoD:S. So, I guess that means it is time to upgrade some hardware. Here's what I need: 1) New motherboard/processor 2) New videocard Cost at around $1,000. I <3 Newegg. Ideas?
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    My 1 year recognition.

    Congrats on your first year!