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    New User Titles

    *pets my old-school custom title*
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    Texas Meet and Greet

    Balls, I've got meetings all those days. If you make your way through Austin John, I owe you a beer.
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    Battlefield 1 - anyone else a little disappointed?

    I'm curious. The thing I just don't understand is how do you make a game fun when it's source material is a bloody stalemate? And I'm still holding on to hope for a BF2143. 2142 was the most underrated in the series by far.
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    how old are you?

    30 in a 76 year olds body with a 6 year olds mind.
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    I Need new Music

    Fine fine. I've been on a Silversun Pickups kick lately: And, if you're in to punk rock at all, the interrupters have been in my playlist alot lately:
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    I Need new Music
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    Zelda fans create 30th anniv. browser game

    Nintendo doesn't play around with stuff like that. Also, cool points to the dude who put the link to TD tribute on the page.
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    EdgeGamers Goes Full EGO

    And the mullet. (Thanks, baron. I'll never live that down)
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    EdgeGamers Goes Full EGO

    Not exactly. I'm nothing more than a moldy must-oreo that GardenGroveVW left on his kitchen counter that evolved simple intelligence over time.
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    EdgeGamers Goes Full EGO

    .......and I can't edit it. More proof it's me because I fail. But, I don;t want to hijack. [hat-tip]eGO Design Department[/hat-tip]
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    EdgeGamers Goes Full EGO

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> I'm a real boy!
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    EdgeGamers Goes Full EGO

    Well done Legend et al. I like it. It's a hat-tip to us old-farts while still being new.
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    Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

    It's not AS BAD as people are making it out to be. Don't get me wrong, it's bad. But not that bad. Spoiler free review - it's a hot mess. It was 4 or 5 epic plot lines loosely strung together without explanation. This movie could have been great if it tried to go 100% on 1 or 2 plot lines...
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    Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

    I'm going to see it tonight, my wife surprised me with tickets. I don't have high hopes. Zack Snyder tries too hard to make a movie that's "important" and takes itself too seriously. I mean, seriously, it's we really need another depiction of Bruce Waynes parents dying? Can that...
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    Red vs. Blue Season 14!!!!!

    RoosterTeeth - Austins proudest export. I've run in to a few of those guys (Kerry, Miles, Meg Turney, Gavin) around town. Big big fan. Never been all that into RvB, but it's a fun show. Talk to me about RWBY volume 4, then I'll get full on fan girl.