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    GTA IV

    I have a 360, no ps3, but i cant wait for that....looks sick
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    I won!

    Looks awesome, congratz man!
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    FREE HUGS!!!!

    That's a really good video. makes you wanna
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    [poll] another night map choice

    Russian's 100%...yes..poor french
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    [poll] Do you find poll threads annoying?

    dude...everyone likes pie, lol...good times
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    [poll] Assualt Pistol

    very nice...
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    Exams Over

    Nasa sounds really cool...but a Computer Programmer sounds much better, lol...well kinda...not really..nvm
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    BigBird V.s. RockStar Snip Score.. guys couldn't touch me, muhahaha
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    hammer pic

    I like dye's idea...just get a picture of a hammer...nuff said, lol
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    [poll] Are you Married?

    ...getting kinda personal here me thinks.
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    cool map i found

    This looks freakin' sweet...we should at least try it sometime. ^^
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    [poll] How Much of a Post Do You Read

    Normally i read the whole thing it has no interest for me at all.
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    [poll] [poll] should i get half life 2??

    lol that's what I'm trying to figure out, lol
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    Overclocking RAM and CPU

    What the heck is overclocking? Rofl.
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    I found Bigbird!

    Lol...nice pic.s lance...bout fell of my chair after seeing that.