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    Edgegamers Ending Support for DoD:S

    I haven't popped in a DoD:S session for a years now, so I figured I'd come and play for a bit. I was surprised to find no eGO server and I was sad :( Reflecting on this thread, I am glad I was/am part of eGO. It is sad to read that DoD:s support ended but all good things come to an end I...
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    Wewo and his Ammo situation

    I recommend rehab. STAT! Or else, wewo will start hoarding more than ammo (though, honestly it looks like he's being hazed or punished in a timeout corner)
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    That Set-tag though...

    lol, somehow I think it could have been worse. :P
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    Mookie and Xanado!!!

    Disk golf? what's that? (serious question)
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    Day of Defeat on sale - Deal Expired

    Imagine the best thing you've seen. Now Imagine the worst thing you've seen. Day of Defeat is somewhere in between.
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    8 Dominated on Ava

    He looks fine to me. Sleeping and resting.
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    Getting my eG!

    I offer you two answers. The truth or the better answer. Truth Better answer. EDIT: I seemed to have missed the point of the thread. Oh well, too late for that lol.
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    8 Dominated on Ava

    Damn! that is impressive, Vasili. (But I still remember you playing that well on Strand, so it isn't surprising :P)
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    People of DOD:S post a picture of yourself IRL.

    Me? Chillax? Can this face ever chillax, bro? But really, s'all good man,s'all fun and enjoyment .:thumbup1:
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    People of DOD:S post a picture of yourself IRL.

    1) Necroing this thread isn't nice unless you post a picture of yourself to encourage others, like starting a mild chain reaction. But since you haven't, then you must be punished. :chair:
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    [Realism Campaign 10] Allied Promotions - Week 3

    Congrats and great job everyone! :thumbup: Ja, herr Leutnant! Soon they will be tasting the mighty german Apfelstrudel. :w00t: *nom nom nom*
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    [Realism Campaign 10] Axis Promotions Week 3

    Congrats everyone! I am not in the picture :( :(
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    Hello I'm new

    Welcome Welcome, ;) Have fun and happy hunting in the server!
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    whats up guys

    Welcome aboard, have fun, and happy hunting on the servers :P