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    Proud to be apart of eG

    Awww you guys are so nice to eGo
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    Your weirdest moment at your job

    Well i was walking down the computer isle at staples when somthing caught my eye a guy was hovering over a computer and looking around alot so i hid and guess what he doesnt steal it he grabbs it and hides it in another isle so his buddy would go get it well the attention was on him but i saw...
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    38 Percent Of People Not Actually Entitled To Their Opinion

    Mazeloki i was reading the post then i saw you sig and couldnt stop laughing.
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    Update to an old post i made...

    hey jman fedex some of that cake plz im hungry.
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    That makes me sad and im canadian :(
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    Favorite class of the 2006-2007 school year

    Animation 12 and programing 12
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    haha lol BARON LOOK!!!!

    pedro your good at this
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    In need of xfire friends

    hey mine is cblpointzero
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    hope to see you soon sammy boy.
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    Experiment: help me out

    I play on like multiple spots i have no technique.
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    lineage 2

    What is that?
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    you will bow b4 me !!!

    HEy bane welcome back!
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    8 months!
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    Other games

    Css, cod3
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    New Stats Page?

    artimus might find out i live in his basement shhhhhhhhhhhh.