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    Video Post the song
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    Music Experiment!

    I threw a wish in the well, don't ask me I'll never tell.
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    :O I don't know if we'll be stopping around Ashland 'cause I know we've scheduled a night at Eureka, at which point we'll probably be cruising the next day along the 101 until we either hit Portland or continue the trek all the way up into Seattle. I'll definitely keep your gracious offer in...
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    What a coincidence, because I too will be heading to Vancouver; road trippin' from Los Angeles all the way up there in about three weeks' time while making stops along the way. Looks like I'll also be taking the suggestions made on this thread. :D
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    New Headphones<--- You'd be advised to peruse that website for either: (1) Suggestions on what to purchase based on your specific needs/tastes or (2) Simply search for a product you're considering purchasing to check out what the headphone fanatics over there think about that product.
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    Mustoreo Videos

    Damn, if only we could get our hands on GGVW's or Baron Rojo's attempts haha
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    New Engineer Blacksmith Set [WIP]

    Looks great, can't wait to see the improvements!
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    Snipers PMO!!

    Find a server that hopefully still has CTF_Convoy on it (lol nostalgia). At least that's how I got half-decent.
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    Your Favourite Name/Description on your Weapons?

    That's so awesome :P That made my night.
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    Free to play?! What happened while I was gone?!

    O.O I'm surprised you insisted on trying to help him even after you knew it was no hope
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    find da sandwich

    I don't even know why I find it funny. It just is.
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    Reminded of eGO's "blank"

    I remember you! But you probably don't remember me D:
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    Stealth's basic spy guide

    Regular Invisible Watch is my personal favorite; I just suck at using the C&D or DR.
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    Valve says sorry for MW2 mix up, gives copies of L4D2 away

    So THAT'S why I got a random L4D2 gift. Thanks Striker!
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    Were you recruited? Or find eGO on your own?

    Way back when eGO only had DoD:S servers with ava and donner. I loved the atmosphere around the people in-game so I just joined out of interest.