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    hey shanks doesnt the x1950 have 512mb instead of 500?
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    CPU: Pentium 4 "Prescott" 3.2 ghz Video: BFG 7950 gt oc RAM: 2GB HD: 160 GB and all this other stuff I don't have the time to write out
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    o and for all u Wehrmacht lovers . A german version of the pic i just posted
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    well heres my pic... obviously much better than outbreak's pics :P u might have seen it in another thread... but what the hell.. it is my best pic. o and the blurryness is on purpose. makes it look a lot nicer (hint use depth of field, and lots of it)
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    sorry for being away for so long... i was busy on this

    ive been gone a long time.... doing this!: nice eh? made it on the new gmod feel free to use it as a wallpaper ... its my current one :)
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    BattleField 2142 - spyware included

    i play bf 2142 al the tiime and whenenver i do spyware scan it doesnt detect 2142 as one.... and plus nobody complained when SWAT 4 had this similar type of ad spyware
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    Got a job.

    whats a job? :P nah nah... im way too young for a job but i would love to get one and get a new gfx card and maybe a sound card
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    well if u ask me.... North Korea will not start world war 3. They definitely wont bomb the south or Japan becauise America would just blow North korea into nuclear dust. Most likely some other super country would start a third world war. But right now i dont think the north is of any threat...
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    [poll] Jobs

    jobs are for old people :P im still in middle school in 8th grade
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    [poll] mmmmm

    British!!! im west korean :P and i live in hawaii... never been to the UK but would love to visit. o and Grimzor... how dare u insult california!!! its the only place where its servers actually give me good ping :D
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    Tommy Simpson / A.K.A. Kamakize Tommy // Hospital // News

    hope he gets better and gets out of the hospital with good health :(
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    Lost: the show

    jesus man (not u jesus :))... why does everyone love Lost? whats so great about it?? i mean seriously, everyone here in hawaii absolutely drool over the show. i tried watching it for a little, but i got extremely bored of it. i mean dont u guy watch family guy or soemthing??
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    dont learn japanese.. its really hard . i tried to but all i learned is "toothpaste nan deska?".. whatever taht means :P
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    New Purchase

    who could be jealous about john's new card? we should be happy hes finally enjoying source..... *finds johns address* *goes in middle of night and jacks gfx card* *grabs a few sandwhiches* :P (o and brit that avatar is cool. I love that show but it barely comes on any more)
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    [poll] Arcade VS Real

    i love the realistic ones.... mainly because in RO u can always brag about no-crosshairing people :P i personally hate arcades like ut2k4 but love the semis like bf2