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    Nether Scavenger Hunt - Friday 8pm EST - Host SoupyJr/Soupy

    Nether Scavenger Hunt EVENT DETAILS This is an event where you are given list of items and depending on what items you collect and what rarity the item is the amount of points you can get. You will only need to collect one of the items for point. More then one of said item will not increase...
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    🗺️Minecraft Scavenger Hunt🗺️

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    Events Hunger Games

    BlueFoxRed and I, Garrett BlueFoxRed, and SoupyJr
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    Last Man Standing

    So you wanna have a tnt war. I like it. :thumbup:
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    Events 🕹️Mini-game Mania🕹️

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    Colors of Concrete

    I wanna know what color of concrete u want the most, chose the color u want, and what the majority colors are I will make more of that color.
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    Events 250 Million Dollar PVP Tournament

    Sign up SoupyJr
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    Secret Santa

    SoupyJr Name:SoupyJr Division:Minecraft What do you want for Christmas? Stacks of Quartz Blocks, Stacks of Bricks, Diamonds, Brown Wool, Bigger Store
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    Minecraft Server Reset soon!

    is the new server going to have MCMMO?
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    [Sept 22-5] Castle build contest

    Eternal next Presidential election is only going to have 2 submissions....going to vote then?
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    Vanilla 1.8 server

    soupyjr soupyjr