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    Fun Free for all

    Re-do next sat :D Yay!
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    About the FL & IG meet/greet held today...

    That would be awesome!
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    Fun Free for all

    A deployed mg me thinks :P
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    Top Forum Priority?

    Ribbons and medals :D
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    New Layout

    I like it :)
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    What font do you like? (Hoodies)

    D and Black.
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    What Is Your Favourite Sport

    Ice Hockey :P
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    Your Favourite Movie

    Potc 3 :p
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    Two Year Anniversary

    Happy b-day!
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    July 4th promo list

    Grats to promotees!
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    DoD Update

    Needs tweaks, and not having freeze cam is a improvement :P
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    Kendle's Nickname

    Firebringer! Maybe cause he added fire on ava and so on? No idea truly :O
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    Early History

    Good reading!
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    Is the "The Dark Knight" going to be a big hit?

    Truly an awesome review from IGN, just makes me want to see it more.