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    Open FiveM RP - Infinit Pockets/Inventory

    What is the scope of your bug report? FiveM RP Short description of the bug Infinite Pockets/Inventory Detailed description of the bug Not sure if it works on everything but while hunting I 'ran out of space' in my inventory/pockets and did another bait anyways it kept filling and kept going...
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    Diamond Commendation!

    congratulations, well deserved!
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    SADPS HIRING FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT - Next Academy 05/15/22

    Sweeeet! Can’t wait to get my training done! Jamal is ready!!!!!
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    Open FiveM RP - Unlimited Test Drive

    What is the scope of your bug report? FiveM RP Short description of the bug Unlimited Test Drive Detailed description of the bug Should you take a car on a test drive and disconnect at any point due to a head pop or because you were leaving the car that you were test-driving will not return to...
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    FiveM GTA RP - New Arrest and release process - Catch and release process

    So what if y’all post saying “come to MRPD” but said person isn’t on for a day or so and you issue a warrant would you search their property now catching them for more? Or would it just be a warrant ie pulled over they are going to jail that’s it
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    Can the server really be affected by players with very high pings?

    the server performance won’t be affected but the play quality for others involved will be affected. As “queen of ice” stated a perfect example that would be why some servers have a ping limit. I don’t believe eGO has one on any servers that I’m aware of and if they do it’s above 200 I’m...
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    Completed Public Safety Application - Jamal Black

    Welp I have waited at MRPD and used /911 a few times today (4.27) and (4.26) no luck. I also added you on discord soooo ya
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    Completed Public Safety Application - Jamal Black

    Department: Los Santos Police Department Character Full Name: Jamal Black Your Timezone: EST Preferred Shift: 8PM-12:01AM Discord: Tyron#2422 What's your character's backstory?: Jamal Black grew up poor, working class and has lost his ex-something, and his childhood friends were a gang of...
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    FiveM FiveM RP - Gun Shop run issues

    problem solved it can be deleted
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    Question's about your PC

    I bought my 'first gaming pc' back in 2013 from a local guy, which looking back he way overcharged for the crap in it and his 'time'. Built my actual pc in the end of 2015 with an i7-6700 and a 9704GB(3.5GB was a funny lawsuit) and spent about 1K on it after taxes, I technically still have this...
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    Million dollar question

    Yes that does, and at your specs you should be able to stream and play some VR without problems, I do it with an i7-6700 and a 1070, but I only ever have my streaming program open and my game. Now that also will depend on things you have running and if you don't have proper air flow for your...
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    FiveM FiveM RP - Gun Shop run issues

    delete Attachments File(s) attached
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    Million dollar question

    Removing the panel won't guarantee getting lower temps. Without the panel on you don't allow for the air to properly flow through your case/components, especially if your intake fans are on the side then they are just blowing it out of the panel with no side on it. Listing your specs would be...
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    FiveM FiveM RP - vehicle duplication

    You can store your car in any garage while someone is in it in said lot. When you do that it allows you to re-pull another out of that same garage without the original being stored. Also, it will link all the glove boxes and trunks. So ie I place drugs in my glove box from the car I just pulled...