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    if you hate cheaters look hear (moving sig)

    lame, i really dont think its very cool.
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    Why many of you should hate Outbreak. LOL

    Whos this outbreak character you are talking about?
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    Please Help

    Yeah you are pretty much screwed. Stupid move on your part bro.
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    look who wants me as a friend on myspace

    She looks like some Disco Skating rink reject. didnt even bother listening to her music...
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    This guy pwns all!!!

    I think its a different reinkaos wal mart. Either way it looks like most of you guys have yet to play guitar hero, therefore you really cant relate to how hard the game actually is.
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    [poll] Server and maps

    We have picked our servers for a reason. they are the most popular maps. The general public just doesn't like the detonation style as much as you do lol.
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    Clarification: Please

    As of november first, your rank does not transfer over to the TF2 site. So if you wanted to join both clans, you could potentially have different ranks. BUT, if you are an eG in DOD, but only an e in TF2, you are not permitted to wear your eG tag in the TF2 server. Hope that clears things...
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    Promotion timeing???? (question)

    Yeah it took me about 3 months to get eG and 3 more months to get my eGO. Some people get it quicker than others, its just depends if you make a positive impression with the right people.
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    New desktop thread!!

    oh ok lol. And yeah i downgraded my visual apperances before, didnt really notice a difference.
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    This guy pwns all!!!

    Yeah thats pretty impressive. It's lame how they didnt show the final score though. Yeah i play guitar also and have a hard time playing guitar hero sometimes. Probably going to get it for PC around christmas time. im pretty excited...
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    Rambo vs Chuck Norris vs MacGyver?

    my governor would kill all three of them at the same time...
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    Weird, I'm going to boston too, but next week. I'm excited.
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    Would you join Ninjas or Pirates?

    oh well what would you panzy ninja's do when we set sail for the open sea? yeah thats right NOTHING!