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    cs source - DUST2 24/7 - server is rubber banding and freezing like crazy.

    @GardenGroveVW , @CoLdBooT works in Tech and he might be interested in helping, Cheers, ~Surge
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    Thank You Bakr

    thank you @bakr for helping everyone out! See in the servers! Cheers, ~Surge
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    Open Post Code of Conduct upon entering server

    I concur with this also Cheers, ~Surge
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    Open Post Code of Conduct upon entering server

    I don't see an issue with this @Immaculate Cheers, ~Surge
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    Thank You, Godzilla

    Thank you for everything @Godzilla! Cheers, ~Capt
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    Announcement CS New Years Promotions!!

    Congrats everyone! Cheers, ~Surge
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    Counter-Strike: Source The 1 server improvement needed desperately

    I third this motion. Nothing but good things will come out if we did this. This will also stop people telling admins that this guy has no smoke even though we can't proof it (at least on my end). Cheers, ~Surge (Capt)
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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Best present you got?

    got some Amazon Gift Cards! Cheers, ~Surge
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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas! Cheers, -Surge
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    Announcement New CS Managers! [CLICK HERE FOR FREE ROBUX]

    Congrats @nonya @SexySteven @Jayy! Keep up the hard work! Cheers, ~Surge
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    Bad CT's

    Yea, I like that idea too :ROFLMAO: Cheers, ~Surge
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    Director of Operations and Community Management Promotions

    Congratulations everyone! Cheers, ~Capt
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    CSS - Dust2 - The server is down

    @ToxicSocksWarrior, Have you ever found out why the server went down? Cheers, ~Capt