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    Accepted Public Safety Application - Jay Edwards

    Department: San Andreas Fire Rescue Character Full Name: Jay Edwards Your Timezone: Eastern (east coast, best coast) Preferred Shift: Typically 3:00PM - 10:00PM Discord: Jay, The Creator#0001 What's your character's backstory?: Jay started out in law enforcement back in 2018 and has...
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    Manager Promotion!

    Thanks everyone :D
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    Manager Promotion!

    Thanks all :D
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    Flawless Runs

    4 this season on the 1st weekend, with 32 straight wins when I did play
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    [Forum] Unable to view awards

    What application are you reporting this issue on? Website What server is this happening on? N/A Short description of the bug. Unable to view awards Description of the bug. Viewing my profile and clicking the "Awards" button will freeze the window momentarily and show "Loading..." but...
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    (Question) Why dont we have Trains and Subways and the Mountain Cabs on Mount Chilliad?

    What RDK said. The reason why I never added/enabled them was because FiveM is a custom/modified framework, there's lots of kinks and stuff to that. Along with player desync, it would make those areas around trains kinda sketchy.
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    We Will Miss You RedDragonKnight

    Let's not forget the time we had to adjust the helicopter Or the time we made some people mad over a drug bust
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    We Will Miss You RedDragonKnight

    RDK was a massive influence to myself as well as others, and I know he will be missed :(
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    GTA: Emergency Meeting (Everyone) 10/25 - 7pm EST

    I like where Stray is going with this :)
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    GTA: Emergency Meeting (Everyone) 10/25 - 7pm EST

    What - That's four letters
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    New Request [GTA] DNA Update 10/10/2020 Bug report

    1) Known issue, but also isn't really a bug considering you won't get any more information from them. 2) The limit is intended to be 20 each, and the changes have been made to reflect that after the next restart. (The DNA/Bullet test kits are infinite use) 3) Same answer as 1. 4) Being unable to...
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    Server Updates

    October 10th, 2020 Clothing - Females have received multiple new hair styles. Both Male & Female have also received the following DLC Clothing: Diamond Casino, Casino Heist, Summer Update DNA - As some of you in the Discord saw, this has now been added. Shooting weapons will drop bullet...
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    Server Updates

    October 1st, 2020 Fleeca Bank Heists - A small patch has been made to reduce the quickness of the heist, it will now take just a little bit longer to complete fully (Expect these to also be increased/adjusted again soon) If you find any issues with this update, please report them to the Bugs /...
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    Resolved FiveM Controller Conflict

    @OwenW Been a few days, does the issue still persist?
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    Server Updates

    September 14th, 2020 Drugs - Weed is back in the server! Once you find them, you will have to search them for Seeds. Once you get Seeds, you will need to find a secure place and grow your plants. But be careful, you will need to keep them hydrated with Water and Fertilizer, or they will go down...