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    Whats your favorite Anime!!

    Outlaw Star and the Big O finished. Think Outlaw star was only one normal season at 26(or 24), and haven't seen Big O in so long to remember. FLCL was funny and unique and Here and There, Now and Then was pretty good as well(had a good story and character development).
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    Rank The Avatar Above You

    Bears are fat. Plus I think the colors clash with the site. 5/10
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    The death of an entire industry

    Called food runners, a lot of places have them. Although, having worked at a couple of places as a server I can tell you that at least the customer can't complain that you put in the wrong order when that's what they told you.
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    Whats your favorite Anime!!

    It's really hard to limit the list down to top 5 in general, maybe a top 5 in each category type thing. There are plenty of great ones out there once you start watching them. Nodame Cantabile is a blast to watch, and can't wait for Light to get what's coming to him in Death Note. As for ones...
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    Out for a while...

    I'd be wary of only having a laptop for gaming. Should a problem arise, which will happen on laptops, it's harder to deal with than a normal desktop.
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    STARCRAFT 2!!!

    Can't wait.
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    Any bikers out there?

    Aye, it goes without saying being involved in a motorcycle crash has more risks involved than being buckled into a 1 or 2 ton steel cage. A lot of people do pull risky stunts on bikes, but then again a lot of people don't always notice a motorcycle either. I think people who ride ought to be...
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    [poll] Comic Book Heros

    No image? Come on, have some class here.
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    How strong R u???

    Not to pick on you peacemaker, but two things raise issues on your above post. One is 'brains over brawn', normally I wouldn't raise the issue but you were using 'brains' so I couldn't resist. Two, I'm going to do a small stereotype assumption that the people that are normally getting into...
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    so here is the real question...

    Sponge bath, maybe some kind of disinfectant like the quick drying alcohol cleaner or some sort of wash-less foaming soap. Moving on to the point, there could be several reasons why you wash your hands after going to the bathroom. Some of them probably date back before that study was done...
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    Requesting Clarification: Avalanche

    Or you could ignore the differences of the two and talk only about how you gain entrance.
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    My girlfriends dad just had a stroke, I almost got arrested, I just about got gang beat, etc.

    Some countries, that kind of day isn't so bad. It can always get worse. Besides, you should want to be there for your girl.
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    Consistency is a good thing OSOK, unless there is new reasons to change your ways or beliefs.
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    How strong R u???

    While maxes don't have to much real world applications, they're excellent bench marks for improvement. Plus, if you only do high reps you aren't changing the routine enough. Your body will gain more strength and at a faster rate if you do switch between lots of reps and high amount of weight...
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    Biased zebra. All sports have their fan boys(and or girls). Each sport requires some sort of skill, athleticism and effort. Very few sports, especially televised sports, don't rely on anyone else. Even sports like boxing require an enormous amount of time and trust between the trainers...