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    Thanking Arbiter

    Let’s go!!! Time to party.
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    Thanking Arbiter

    It’s been a pleasure guys! Looking forward to watching the community continue to thrive. Nothing but praise for this lovely place :).
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    So long for now!

    I have resigned from my role as Director of Operations. It’s been nothing but fun in my time here and I’ve had a blast working with all of you. Special thank you too the lovely Admins of this community who hold everything together. Thank you to every Leadership member who pours their heart and...
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    New Release: Dark Mode!

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    A thank you to Power Outlet

    Thanks Power. GOAT
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    A thank you to Power Outlet

    Shoutout to Jubbs
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    Jordy's Resignation

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    Announcement Head and Lead Server Specialists!

    Looks like a great concept. Congratulations everyone.
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    Tell me about the lowest point in your life

    Thanks for sharing, 2020 certainly took a toll on a lot of people, and I’m sure 2021 is still beating us up too. It’s great you were able to turn negative experience into a learning one. Everyday we can get better and better, baby steps!
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    Tell me about the lowest point in your life

    This might be kind of a deep topic, but I’d like to know about the lowest moment in your life, and how you’re doing now. If you’d like, you can attach a photo from your “lowest moment” or just share the experienceObviously there is no obligation to share, but I figured I’d go first! November...
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    Bad Company 2 SERVER DOWN

    The maintenance is not on EdgeGamers end, it’s from our server provider. Nothing we can do except wait.
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    Community Info Sharing

    A hot button topic around the community has been “information sharing”. Members want to know what’s being worked on around the community, from Counter Strike, Tech, GTA, etc. Leadership is currently investigating the best possible way to have information more accessible to members. I come to you...
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    EdgeGamers Community "Ask Me Anything"

    I can answer on behalf of updates and clan wides! We are currently reworking the structure of clan wides to be more “massive announcement” from the community, things we’ve accomplished, and things we want to accomplish in the next 6 months. From there we want to turn the clan wide more “open...