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    2021 Recap: Thank You EdgeGamers

    @Buster @Wahtur Let's goooo
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    Should eGO have a Nintendo oriented discord?

    I agree with Cel the original idea of this post has gone a little off-topic, but it has some themes that perhaps need to be looked at or discussed as a community. (Maybe another post should be created somewhere?) Let me stick my neck out for Overwatch just for a second though. I can get you...
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    Should eGO have a Nintendo oriented discord?

    Are you referring to recent expansions into other games? because this is objectively untrue. (Not trying to be rude.)
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    Announcement New Discord Bots

    Pokétwo 👀
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    Overwatch Rundown!

    Had a great time working with the media team. Excited to see where OW is going next. special s/o to @heidi ❤️
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    Edgegamers Overwatch Experimental Card Tournament Team

    Hello Everyone, your friendly neighborhood EDisch here. Blizzard has recently announced that they will be doing an Overwatch Experimental Card Tournament! This tournament will be taken place over December 10th - 12th (for the full schedule visit this page.) Sign-ups are due on the 8th and there...
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    Announcement Overwatch Teams

    Overwatch Teams What is “Overwatch Teams''? Overwatch Teams give users of the discord the opportunity to create their own team (7 members) that can battle against other teams inside (and potentially outside) the discord. How will Overwatch Teams work? Once teams start being formed, @EDisch222...
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    Announcement Spooktober Promos + Awards

    Please congratulate all of the following individuals on the promotion(s) and awards they've earned over the past few months! Promotion(s) @Spuddy @monky Awards 💬 Discord Diva 💬 @monky @Khazie ❤️ Welcoming Committee ❤️ @Spuddy @kyle?? ⚡ New Heroes ⚡ @I'm Cinnamon Toast 🎮 Event-Aholic 🎮...
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    Overwatch Spooktober Community Meeting | October 23rd, 2021

    I might make an appearance 👀
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    [OW] PUG's | October 14th, 2021

    be there : )
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    Overwatch - Gabby Manager Promotion | October 9th, 2021

    Congratulations welcome to the team! : )
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    New World East - Sitara - MARAUDERS

    Only if I saw this post sooner
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    One Year of Overwatch

    Happy anniversary 🥳
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    Overwatch September Promotions

    Congratulations : )
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    Buster Manager Promotion