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    New Overwatch Manager, Wahtur!

    @Wahtur Congrats welcome to the team : )
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    Event Overwatch 3v3 Tournament Teams

    Yo good luck team Overwatch, Sorry I let you guys down. Had to get that vaccine :(
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    Announcement EdgeGamers Overwatch League Pick'em

    Are you a fan of the Overwatch League or are interested in watching? Come join EdgeGamers Overwatch Pick'em Leaderboard! Whats is Overwatch League Pick'em? "The Overwatch League Pickā€™em is a game where fans predict Overwatch League match results to earn points. During each Tournament of the...
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    Announcement Thank You peloc

    who? Don't know how no one said your famous quote yet. Hope to see you around brother, sad to see you go.
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    What would be your ideal Pokemon team?

    Best starter | Fav Eeveelution | Cooler turtle than Blastoise | Just cause I like B&W | Fav from "newer" gens | Wanted a water type and cool Or team cute (there are more cute pokemon just didn't feel like searching)
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    Patch Notes 4/1/2021

    Hey everyone, your resident bastion main here. Blizzard went out and made some crazy changes to our beloved heroes, and Echo, which I would like to share with you guys. Ana "Boosting an ally will now boost Ana." If you're playing support and are not DPSing I don't know what to say to you. This...
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    Overwatch Discord Color Pallet

    get exposed
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    Overwatch Discord Color Pallet

    Let's talk about Colours! (I spelled it with a "u" so I could get more color in it) Per a recent poll on the discord, everyone said they wanted the role colors to change. So, This is the place where we can talk about and experiment with new color pallets! Here are some old examples of some...
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    Overwatch 3v3 Tournament

    Hope to see you there :)
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    Media Community Manager

    Congratz webby!
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    Overwatch Community Manager

    @Wish Congratz Wash deserve it <3
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    March Overwatch Meeting + Star Promotion

    @Star Congratz my dude, long deserved. @heidi Thanks for the art <3 @ everyone don't forget to come to the meeting ;) big stuff as per usual
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    Event Among Watch | 3/13/21 | 7PM EST

    It's scary how well made this preset is. Come and see : )
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    Hello, it's Tiny from pG!

    Yoo welcome back!
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    Overwatch Introduces WISP

    Ayo, Wisp gonna kill it in contenders. eGO on šŸ”