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    Thank You, Divine

    thank you for everything @Divine
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    Did you eat your mustard Oreo?

    I still need to do mine... o.o
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    New CS Community Manager!

    New CS Community Manager! DDZ has been an integral part of the Counter-Strike leadership team since he first became Manager, rising the ranks to Community Manager in just under 2 years. He has been around since 2017 and joined EdgeGamers in the Prestige Gaming merger. He has been an Admin...
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    CS Leadership Promotions

    CS Leadership Promotions Counter-Strike is bringing up two very dedicated members to the Senior Manager Position. They have gone above and beyond in their respective groups in AT and EC and will now help lead the Counter-strike group. @Spare will be moving into this position and will help run...
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    [OPEN] Apply for Media Team!

    Apply for Socials! We are in need of more people :)
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    Announcement Giving Some Thanks!

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    What's the best eGO div? (OPINION)

    The Media Team is the best team. B)
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    Not Planned eGO Podcast when?

    @Spareosu This has been done before, however, we have come to the conclusion that this isn't the best use of our resources. We have been making an effort to post more content on your YouTube such as Frags of The Month, Community Updates, and Meet The Leadership. Every video uploaded has to...
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    Star Wars Movie Night - 5/4

    Star Wars Movie Night | 05/04/22 Join us on May 4th for our next event, Star Wars Movie Night! Event Date: May 4th, 2022 Event Time (ET): 9:00 Event Server IP: Additional Instructions: We will be watching Revenge of the Sith! You must be in Discord to watch the movie...
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    Advisor Promotions!

    Advisor Promotions! - 4/27/22 With the addition of a rank, it was only fitting to bring people up that are a big piece of how games and teams run. It is not just the Leadership Team that helps keep EdgeGamers on its feet, but also a group of monumental members of the community that assist in...
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    March Community Recap! 2022

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    March Community Recap! 2022

    THE CAT I AM DYING. Great work media guys, especially @JUULGOD27 for going the extra mile with the Gmod model at the desk haha!