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    Please post pictures of goats

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    What's the difference between "General Chatter" and "Off Topic"?

    off topic is shit posting
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    What Do You Look Like? 3.5

    lund merch
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    bulba: let me carry you in comp

    same thing happened to me but he bottom fragged and i carried (i was sem at the time too)
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    Event KZ | May 8th

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    Resolved TeamSpeak - TeamSpeak - Code of Conduct Link Broken

    prob just not transferred from old forums
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    The Nameless Podcast Looking for Hosts

    not arguing just have another question about it - will this podcast not be following eGOs PG-13 rule ? because if its not id understand that more but if it is then im not really understanding that specific purpose. maybe 16 or 17+ i would understand. just curious because most of these people we...
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    i can swim but not well
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    What are you currently reading, or wanting to read?

    i hate reading- but i think i have to do summer reading soon :(
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    you made this post too soon. im ashamed
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    NoobNasty Says Hello

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    intro to me

    hello !