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    Counter-Strike Global Offensive Jail Server Quake High Chance Armory Vid

    Im going to use this so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Talking about JB and eGO

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    Talking about JB and eGO

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    Talking about JB and eGO

    Please listen to yourself speak and rethink the decisions you are making in your life
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    Event The 2021 Jailbreak Draft (SIGNUP WEEK!)

    omg this is funny. Where is the actual list now?
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    need a tm8 for 2v2

    Eligibility Requirements Be 13 years or older. Have TeamSpeak. Have a registered forum account. Be MAUL verified. Be in good standing with EdgeGamers (no current bans). If a member of a team doesn’t show up, the other teammate has 5 minutes to find a replacement for his team that follows the...
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    need a tm8 for 2v2

    Goodluck finding a better teammate than @Zero 6.0 . (HE DOESNT HAVE A TEAMMATE YET BTW). If you dont pick him it is your loss I know he would love to help you win this thing!
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    Rust Community Manager

    ew this guy
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    day 2 of the ban!

    not being able to play jb for 2 DAYS! must feel like torture. @Peoples People @Peoples People @Peoples People @Peoples People @Peoples People @Peoples People . Unban Him or get Kicked from KZ!
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    peoples wanna talk!

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    peoples wanna talk!

    you can say what you need to say and i will tell him to get back to you as soon as he can
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    Cancer Jump

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    me when

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    Rust & Squad SALE!!!