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    Goodbye for now

    Its been a fun couple of years playing on the edgegamers's servers and meeting new friends on CSGO, FiveM and TeamSpeak. But recently I wanted to branch out to other things and focus a lot of my time on them. But the main thing I wanted to say in this thread was thank you. Thank you to all the...
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    Community Spotlight - December 2020

    Congrats @Custom Stats
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    Let's count to a million!

    2810 - Wonder how much it costs to close this thread
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    Can't pick a PFP

    I probably have more time looking for profile pictures then CSGO
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    January Promotions and Awards

    Congrats to all
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    Darling and the Franxx

    Wait there's a season 2?
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    Accepted Public Safety Application - Levi Ackerman

    Department: Los Santos Police Department Character Full Name: Levi Ackerman Your Timezone: EST Preferred Shift: Whenever Discord: Levi#4132 What's your character's backstory?: Levi Ackerman grew up in a poor area of LS. With no father and a dying mother Levi grew up with his Uncle and...
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    Just a Hello

    Welcome to the community, hope you enjoy your stay
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    I loved the black and white series
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    Announcement Manager Promotion: B T

    Congrats on your promo man very well deserved
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    joe who?

    They always wonder whos Joe? But never do they ask how's Joe
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    EdgeGamers Enters Overwatch Path to Pro

    Pretty cool good luck on future games
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    What are dogs?

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    Announcement CS New Years Promotions!

    Congrats on everyone's promotions
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    Announcement Late Christmas presents