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    Announcement Shocking Announcement that will TWIST your mind!

    Please join us in welcoming back @Twist as he will be returning to the CS EC team once again to host quality events! Please congratulate Twist as much as possible, I heard he loves discord pings :)
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    Event 1v1 | May 5th

    Captain Crunch is better
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    Do you have allergies? If so, what are they and are they bad?

    Dawg, I went to the ER last Thursday cause I ate a chicken sandwich with a spicy sauce that had peanuts in it. Got hives all over my body and started to swell up in my facial area, but I was breathing fine. I had an IV treatment and went on medication that ended today. Worst part of this whole...
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    Need teammates

    Valorant 🤮
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    EdgeGamers Updates!!!

    Ok I see you, money moves
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    EdgeGamers Updates!!!

    These were mistakes right? *Assistant to the Socials Manager
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    Thank you for the great memories

    Thanks for all the giveaways bro :)
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    New Senior Manager!

    Nice bro
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    About me

    @GigsGigo majmun čovjek, Da?
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    WaSe's Private Story

    Swimming vids?
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    New Overwatch Manager, Wahtur!

    Bowl of Wahtur
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    Announcement New EC's

    Gif>Picture @peloc
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    Event Overwatch 3v3 Tournament Teams

    Your welcome in advanced for the carry boys. My back is gonna hurt after this one 💪😎