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    GTA July Clip Contest

    Clip Submission:
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    Wishing Confission Farewell

    I remember you banned me from Mossleys for life. I remember you told me I wasn’t aloud to wear green anymore, and I remember you thought I killed Tedson. All we have at the end of the day are memories. I am glad that Confission will always be a part of them. You will be missed, and hopefully we...
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    Delivered [GTAV - FiveM] Trucking Suggestions

    I will get with the production team and see what we can do in regards to making the trucking experience enhanced in way that you would continue to enjoy the experience. It may take a little time to get some of the things you suggested worked on, but rest assured I will make sure it is looked...
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    He's not scary, but he is Spooky!

    I appreciate all the kind words everyone. I promise to continue to work hard and provide the best RP for Edgegamers and its community
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    FiveM Community Meeting

    Is this a bi-weekly meeting?
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    EC Blazin' Trail Race Event

    You should do this again
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    Nitrous Oxide and Trophies

    Hoping this comes through lol
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    Space Invaders RP Event - December 19th (High Risk, High Reward).

    Click on the link to learn more about: Space Invaders RP Event, part of "Spooky's Urban Legend Series".
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    GTAV: 12 Days of Christmas (2020)

    These events are so much fun
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    Nitrous Oxide and Trophies

    All in character of course
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    Nitrous Oxide and Trophies

    That would be at the discretion of whoever is selling the Nitro Kit. If your vehicle is overwhelming fast and has nitro, you can almost bet that it will not be an option for that vehicle. However if you illegally put it on your car and use it for illegal purposes, you can be black listed from...
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    Nitrous Oxide and Trophies

    The Race Track functions as literally a non profit organization. As a non whitelisted job, The Casino Race Track, Maze Bank Arena, and Spooky Events are almost literally by donation only or are used from my personal bank account. The post listed above outlines how nitrous would be used to help...
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    Nitrous Oxide and Trophies

    Many of you know me as Spooky in Los Santos. I run the Grove Street Grand Prix (Maze Bank Arena), and the Casino Race Track. These tracks were acquired through a generous donation from a Mr. James Smith who also happens to be a partner. Many great people have contributed to the track in order to...
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    Farewell and I Thank You All.

    WTF?....................Im gonna admit, I can't say shit when it comes to Miss Deaths speech. This woman drew a whole comic strip! I can definitely admit when I am defeated, and Miss Death straight murdered me. My hat is off to you Death, and I hope Leaf enjoys beings stuck with our goofy asses...